WADE ASIA® Winners 2019 – Yamini Krishna, Photography Professional, Thane

WADE ASIA WINNERS 2019 - YAMINI KRISHNA, Photography Professional, Thane
By wadeasia 9 May, 2022



Photography Professional (City Do Not Cry)




When Yamini stepped out of her hometown to start her first IT job, that time she also started photographing. For her, the excitement to capture a moment was the high point of any day. Her job took her to various places around the globe and she got the opportunity to photograph some beautiful cities and lovely people, capturing memories forever. Eventually, a dear friend introduced her to interiors and architecture and that’s how she chose her specialisation. It’s been 2 years that she left her IT job, started her own company and functions as a professional interior and architectural photographer. It’s been more that 8 years that she has been doing photography.

“I would recommend every lady photographer to attend WADE ASIA once to understand what a difference it can make in her life personally and professionally.”


How would you contribute to WADE ASIA through art?

Images plays a big role in changing the thought process. Photography today is making a big impact on women and environment related issues, there are more and more people coming out and sharing images that are getting the attention of the right authorities or of the public who come together to stop incidents and issues that are troubling women. I would contribute to WADE ASIA by conducting workshops on photography.


Could you utilise the networking opportunities in WADE ASIA?

It’s extremely important to network. In today’s world we are all so busy achieving our targets or the goals that we have set, that we hardly get time to interact. So, platform like WADE Asia is really a good place to connect and meet different people from different regions and to network. Specially for a person like me who is not from Architecture or Interior background, it helps to know the latest trends, generate business and understand what is it that the industry is looking for in terms of photography.


As a WADe Woman & WADe Winner, which area would you like to contribute for other women professionals?

Being part of this big family of WADE, it brings in more confidence in yourself that you can be different and yet achieve what you dream of. I would recommend every lady photographer I meet to at least attend WADE once to understand what a difference it can make in her life, personally and professionally.


Your opinion on WADE ASIA and its objectives.

This was the first time I attended WADE ASIA and I think its successfully achieved its objective of bringing in like-minded people together. It also shows what an amazing force and strength women are in the Interior and Architecture Industry. It provided me a platform to showcase my talent at a pan India level.


How is coming together of Women in Design, Art, Architecture, Engineering as a community, led by WADE ASIA, is building up the fraternity?

WADE Asia is doing an amazing job of bringing together women from different walks of life. It is giving access to talent from different parts of the country. We get to see different and unique ideas on a single platform.


Few suggestions for the future.

My only suggestion for WADE would be that they should not restrict themselves to having these events in Delhi and that they should explore other parts of the country.


Note: This article was originally published on Surfaces Reporter December 2019 Issue.

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