WADE has helped in connecting with people from different parts of the country and of special interest which has open doors for many possible future collaborations.
Ar. Nidhi Parikh, Urbscapes, Ahmedabad

It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to thrive in the architectural field. Events for Women in Design are very much essential as it helps to boosts the confidence of women architects and are of great motivation.
Ar. Urvi Shah, Traanspace, Vadodara

By providing equal opportunities, WADE brings different perspectives and experiences to the table. I have witnessed and engaged with a supportive & talented community at WADE ASIA.
Ar. Tarika Asarawala, Neogenesis + Studi0261, Surat

WADE gave an opportunity to interact with other designers, know their work & the challenges they face, which is great.
-Ar. Sukhmani Brar, Design Pendulum, New Delhi

Opportunity to immerse ourselves in creative minds of renowned designers and witness their unique thought processes proved to be truly inspiring at WADE.
-Ar. Suhani lal Sanghra, Sparc Design, Pune

WADE brings in a huge amount of positive energy. It is inspirational in a way that it charges one to hone their skills better.
-Id. Shruti vyas, Shruti Vyas Design, Mumbai and Rajkot

WADE provides a unique opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, and mentorship. I have personally witnessed the positive influence it has on participants.
-Ar. Shireen Bhat, Myspace Architects, Noida

Winning WADE award has not only provided recognition but has opened doors for new opportunities, marking a significant milestone in my professional journey.
-Ar. Riya Safiya, Deearth Architects, Calicut

WADE continues to be one of the leading platforms encouraging women in architecture. It has assisted many in building a network and strengthened the foundation of the community.
-Ar. Pashmin Shah, Amoeba Design, Pune

As a WADE Woman & a WADE Winner, I feel very proud and always encourage my fellow architects to participate in this forum. It gives us women amazing opportunities to showcase our work and interact with the fraternity.
-Ar. Pallavi Anchuri, Anchuri Design World, Hyderabad

WADE helped a lot in connecting with other members of the community. It was wonderful to see so many projects and the detailed ideas behind them.
-Ar. Netra Bafna, Terra Firma Architects, Ahmedabad

Hold your head high and claim your power if you don’t believe in yourself, no one will keep learning and evolving, growth will follow.
-Ar. Manu Goel, The Novarch, New Delhi

Highlight of the event was the exhibition area. It was fascinating to see how technology is being used to push the boundaries of design, particularly some of the 3D printing solutions that were on display.
-Ar. Liliya Paul, 7th HUE ARCHITECTURE STUDIO, Thrissur

The keynote speakers at WADE left an indelible mark by encouraging us to break free from conventional thinking and transform imaginative concepts into tangible reality.
-Ar. Kruti Sukhadia, Sharan Architecture + Design, Surat

Our work got recognition amongst leading architects. The appreciation we received is a powerful impetus for our practice, propelling our spirits and encouraging us to do good work!
-Ar. Kakoli Bhattacharya, flYingseeds Design Studio, New Delhi

WADE has undertaken the responsibility of being an agent of transformation which facilitates and empowers women within the profession and influence future generations.
-Ar. Kajal Gupta, Studio Motley, Bangalore

Being part of WADE ASIA has exposed me to diverse ideas and innovative approaches in architecture and design. It’s a dynamic platform that truly shapes fresh perspectives in the field.
-Id. Dipti Kanade, Mind Manifestation Design, Pune

WADE provided an excellent opportunity to showcase and present our work to a wide audience, while gaining insights from the impressive projects of others. This initiative is truly commendable.
-Ar. Archana Vikas, Space Art, Calicut

WADE Asia is a fabulous platform. The interactions, talks and overall atmosphere are enriching. The gamut of vendors and products is expansive – making this event grows every year.
-Ar. Santosh Belani, Studio GSA Architects, Bangalore

Being a WADE winner is a recognition that adds a feather in my cap. It is inspiring to see other women excel and showcase the immense talent we have in this country.
-Ar. Aishwarya Govind, House of Ruya, Bangalore

I enjoyed meeting a diverse set of people all striving to do excellent work. It was also encouraging to see so many exemplary projects and firms with women at the helm.
-Ar. Adhiti S. Gautama, Studio Motley, Bangalore

WADE champions the cause of women supporting women to make a more inclusive work environment.
– Keta Shah, Ahmedabad

The open juries at WADE ASIA and the interactions between architects and designers helped me to expand my vision.
– Deepali Meni, Ahmedabad

Creating a world record by WADE ASIA for the largest number of Women standing together for Water awareness as a cause this year was amazing. WADE is here to tread paths which have not been taken before.
– Bhadri Sonpal, Ahmedabad

The energy I felt at WADE awards felt truly dignifying and comforting.
– Prerna Kaleru, Panchkula

The ‘sense of integrity’ I had felt when I attended WADE 2022 was absolutely heart-warming. Such events need to be there in the narrative of growth of our civilization.
– Somya Sharma Red Lotus Stories, Ahmedabad Winner – Artist – Painting (Excellence)

I congratulate WADE ASIA for increasing their presence in Art. It is definitely building up a
fraternity of Women practitioners.
– Nivedita Pande N + U Design Studio, New Delhi First Runner Up – Artist – Painting (Excellence)

WADE ASIA itself is an INTERACTION with the world around us. It is super productive for networking.
– Poojan Gupta Student, Jaipur

WADE ASIA proves that women can come together with a single motive of growth and creation and set an example of being a strong entity recognized worldwide.
– Ketaki Poonawala Ketaki Poonawala Designs, Pune

Events to celebrate the success of women are much needed becasuse
Women in Design have always been considered a minority in a field that’s dominated by men.
– Vina Verghese Biswas VSPB ASSOCIATES, New Delhi

Wade Asia is a platform that opens up many opportunities and possibilities for collaborations
– Chaitra Saraf Design Kacheri, Bangalore

WADe helped me to build confidence and inspired me to create good design. For a young architect like me, this award is an honour.
– Sethulakshmi M TWOi Architects, Calicut

A platform for women in architecture & design to be celebrated, to take proud ownership & to be recognized of their work in a traditionally male dominated industry is praise worthy.
– Anupriya Subbian Triple O Studio, Chennai

I am exploring the networking opportunities that WADE have provided, be it reconnecting with various vendors for projects material sourcing or with fellow designers for talks, presentations, etc.
– Prakruti R Desai Aangan Architects, Surat

The way WADE ASIA has organized the event was wonderful. In today’s time when women are doing exceptionally great work it is necessary to bring them together and recognize their efforts.
– Janki Hakani Even, Rajkot & Ahmedabad

Having a space where your voice is heard and valued inculcates confidence and constructive
feedback makes everyone better as individuals and as a community
– Shruti Purohit Nine Squares Architects, Indore, MP

WADE ASIA is amazing when it comes to Networking. I made a lot of friends and acquaintances via this platform. Sure to continue supporting this event even more
– Kirthi Suvarnan Satkriya, Calicut, Kerala

WADE is a great support system to all Women Architects & Designers to reach out to the people and shout out to the world that we exist & we do good work.
– Dona Alex Myspace Architects, Noida

Exhibition at WADE has been fabulous which helped to connect to latest innovations and material industry. LIVE jury presentation boosts confidence as freshers get chance to build great connection with experienced Architects.
– Pooja Mali Kolhapur?

WADE ASIA is a very good initiative and quite unique. Its objectives are great. Looking forward to many more.
– Britta Knobel Gupta Studio Symbiosis, Noida,

Excellent event with an objective focusing on Women in Design. Helped to get recognized at national level.
– Megha Patel-Vadodaria PVDRS, Ahmedabad

Interaction with wide range of people is what I value the most about WADE ASIA. WADE team is shining bright and climbing greater heights. Kudos to that !!”
– Priya Nair New Delhi

WADE offers discussions on the most pressing topics in Architecture. We have interacted with many vendors post event & are using their products in our future projects.
– Divya Manaktola Attic Light Architects, New Delhi

WADE gathers all the industry leaders in one location and provides food for thought is certain to lead to changes in the long run..
– Ritu Yadav TOD Innovations Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi

WADE provided the opportunity to showcase our talents. Connecting with the dealers and suppliers and understanding about their product will help us in application in our designs.
– Urvashi Vaijwade Student, Pune

WADE ASIA and its objectives are accurately set and are already seen achieving its targeted goals. WADE gave a face to the Voices which earlier were seldom heard of.
– Amber Dar Wagh Dar & Wagh, Pune

WADE ASIA provides a unique stage to share stories, struggles and achievements of life.
Anagha Patil Environ Planners, Nashik

WADE ASIA gave me the opportunity to meet many high achieving women. I now understand that I am not alone in the struggles of trying to balance motherhood along with our careers.
– Anjali Mangalgiri, Grounded, Goa

WADE ASIA is an amazing concept altogether. An idea to liberate women, especially in the field of design.
– Ankita Sweety Studio An-V-Thot Architects, New Delhi