Partners’ Opinion

Last time, I was here as a visitor and this time we are an exhibitor. It has a grand scale and managed very well. The best thing about MATECIA is that it has all kinds of companies under one roof where one can be a customer for another. This is the right place for business interactions.
– Mr. Priya Ranjan, Hettich India Pvt Ltd

Initially, I was a little sceptical about MATECIA. But I am amazed by the response. It is an absolute WOW and hitting the right target. Though it’s only the second edition of MATECIA, it will surely going to make our furniture industry grow to the next level.
– Mr. Dhanesh Bhatia, Aryamman Interior Solution

It’s an absolute delight to exhibit at MATECIA Exhibition for the first time. It is organized really well and we were grateful to have a lot of people visit our stall. There was a big storm too during the second day and I thought the day was wasted but soon after, there was a flow of good crowd. Even on Sunday at 6 PM, people kept coming.
– Dr. hc. Mario Schmidt, MD, Lingel, German Windows & Doors

Our experience is pretty decent with a lot of footfalls and enquiries. Not only from architects and interior designers but also people in the fraternity like agencies, photographers, media people and even end users so it is great going. All the best to MATECIA and SURFACES REPORTER team.
– Ms. Susmita Nag, CMO, Fenesta Building Systems

I can say MATECIA is a very well planned exhibition. Every exhibitor & visitor go back with lots of satisfaction of gaining new knowledge, seeing new products and productively engaged with fruitful people for their business.
– Mr. Gopal Dwivedi, Livspace

My compliments to Pragath ji and team for creating such an excellent event. I am glad to be part of this.
– Mr. Chetan Kajaria, JMD, Kajaria Ceramics

If I talk about footfall, it is very good. We are interacting with so many people. The networking is going very well and we are connecting with so many architects.
– Ms. Palli Shree, AFC Furniture Solutions

This is our first experience in MATECIA and it has been a good experience with nice footfall. We hope this experience will continue in the future as well.
– Mr. Sanjay Jain, CEO, HARRISON Locks

The footfall here is highly impressive, we have been busy since morning and we are not getting time. MATECIA team is very supportive and has organized this event very well. Architects and interior designers have come from all over the country and we are benefiting a lot.
– Mr Prakhar, Director, MAKAYA

Experience in WADE INDIA is very good; we interacted with very good architects at the yesterday’s event and given a very nice presentation before designers. We received good inquiries. We found very good dealers and architects who visited our stall, saw our products and gave us inquiries. WADE is good for our business.
– Mr. Tripathi, Everest Industries

I have heard about MATECIA a lot and this time we participated. MATECIA is doing good. The organisers are well-linked with the market and have a great reputation in the market. We are excited to be part of it.
– Mr Bharti, Bison Panel, NCL Industries

Architects love our products and we are very glad to be part of this exhibition MATECIA. Footfall is excellent, many architects and interior designers visited our stall and appreciated our products.
– Ms. Supriya Arora, CEO, Krishu Locks & Hardware

We have got a wonderful response from the architects and also from the end users at MATECIA and WADE. So, it is a pleasure for us. It’s a lovely experience.
– Mr. Banerjee, MCM Cladding India

Our experience in MATECIA has been good and footfall is excellent. We hope it continues like this.
– Mr. Pareek, Totalis (Windows)

We are launching our product at MATECIA and people are recognising us. MATECIA has been doing a lot for the industry and it is moving quite well. People are following MATECIA!
– Mr. Deepak Gada, Country Head, Lapeer

With our stalls on the first floor where all the architects are coming and we are getting to discuss new projects with them. The crowd was great last time and this time too. So many companies have come to MATECIA that if a buyer is interested, he gets all the solutions at one place.
– – Mr. Deepanker Garg, MD, Reynoarch (Alstone)

Congratulations to the entire team! The event was a grand success and amazing platform to meet and connect with the industry. I am glad to be a part of this!
– Sanidhya Mittal, JMD, Greenply

MATECIA is one of the best exhibitions we ever had. The footfall for today, I haven’t seen anywhere in India. Excellent show!
– Nikhil Arora, Director, Virgo Group

We are really thrilled beyond measure to see the crowd. The best part is, the footfall is highly relevant. Even end-users and architects are visiting
– Mr Shekhar Sati, President, Sales & Marketing, Greenpanel Industries Ltd

Normally, the people whom we visit one by one and put a lot of time, money and efforts, are all together present here. We are delighted and cannot wait to join the next edition.
– Rohan Chandna, Director, CP Veneers