Architects’ Opinion

It was my pleasure to participate in the 6th Edition of WADE ASIA 2023 as a Juror. It was an honour to be a part of such a prestigious gathering and to engage with the diverse and talented participants.

– Ar Eugene Pandala

I am attending WADE ASIA for the first time and it has been an incredible experience. WADE ASIA truly celebrates inclusivity by bringing together men, women, students, vendors, and distributors.It paves the way for women like us to achieve success.

– Zainab Mukadam, Head of Design & Workplace India and Director PDS, Cushman & Wakefield, Mumbai

Without a second thought, I can say WADE provides an invaluable platform for women across Asia. I’ve been closely following WADE for several years. Please continue the good work and spread your wings across the world.

– Renu Misra, Dubai

WADE ASIA is now in its 6th edition, and the timing couldn’t be more opportune, as the parliament has recently passed a resolution to ensure women’s representation within the parliament itself. WADE ASIA serves as a wonderful platform for women designers and architects. Congratulations to WADE ASIA for conceiving this unique concept.

– Alhad Gore, Managing Partner, Beyond Design Architects, Mumbai and Pune

WADE ASIA.This platform tailored for our female colleagues across Asia also makes way for facilitating valuable exchanges on professional matters, values, and practices. I’ve also observed student involvement, ensuring a balanced gender representation between industry professionals and students. This inclusivity is a fantastic aspect of the event, and I’m thrilled to be part of it.

– Ar Yatin Pandya Principal Architect & Proprietor, FOOTPRINTS E.A.R.T.H. Ahmedabad

WADE ASIA is a great platform for women in design and architecture to showcase their new projects; it is also a great place to know more about all the new innovations happening in the furniture industry.

– Sukriti Sharmma Partner, Plüsch

I am happy to be part of WADE ASIA. Initiatives like these are very essential in today’s time. The diverse range of topics explored in WADE Conferences has the potential to elevate both our profession and our nation to new heights.

– Ar Brijesh Shaijal, Principal Architect, DAC & Design Ashram, Calicut

WADE ASIA is a very well-organized event. It’s an excellent gathering for women designers and other stakeholders in the design industry to interact with one another.

– Dr Anuradha Chatterjee, Dean, School Of Design and Innovation, RV University, Bengaluru

WADE ASIA is a fantastic platform for connecting with architects, interior designers, and artists. It’s an exciting combination because our paths intertwine. I’m grateful to Vertica Dvivedi for creating this wonderful platform, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.

– Nishi Gupta, Principal Designer, Nishi Gupta Designs, Gurgaon

While our elected representatives have been striving to pass the Women’s Reservation Bill in Parliament, to allocate 33 percent of seats to women candidates, visionaries like Vertica Dvivedi have achieved 100 percent women’s representation by conceiving an event like WADE ASIA. The fact that this event unites women engaged in the fields of architecture and design from India and Asia under one roof is a testament to its significance. Equally commendable is WADE ASIA’s outreach to the artist community.

– Rajendra Patil, President, Bombay Art Society and Director, India Art Festival, Mumbai

WADE ASIA’s event structure fosters meaningful discussions among creative experts, encompassing architects, designers, and artists. Simultaneous events like MATECIA pave the path for a diverse range of innovative products to connect with a larger audience.

– Urvashi Vaijwade, Junior Architect, Metaarch, Pune

For students, WADE ASIA offers a valuable learning opportunity and experience. I am glad to be a part of it.

– Nikita Dhavale Junior Architect, DBA Architects, Pune

I eagerly anticipate this event every year, the way WADE ASIA brings women from all corners of the country and Asia together to celebrate our work and ourselves is truly commendable.

– Bhavya Kenkare, Partner, Arch Aid, Mumbai

We have been associated with WADE ASIA since its inception, and every year, the event keeps growing in size and scale. We extend our warmest congratulations to Vertica and Madhurima for pulling off such a big event.

– Gauri Shah and Vaibhav Shah, Principal Architects and Founder, Facilis Architecture, Mumbai

As a first-time attendee, I’m genuinely happy and glad to be here at WADE ASIA. Promoting female architects and designers is not just important; it’s the right thing to do. I firmly believe WADE ASIA will continue to grow and scale newer heights. My best wishes and support are with WADE ASIA, and I look forward to seeing it become even better in the future.

– Snehal Shah, Principal Partner, Essteam Design Services, Surat

Over the past eight years, Vertica Dvivedi and Madhurima Chowdhury have consistently organized this event with great zeal, and each year they have exceeded expectations as hosts. Today, I can confidently attest that WADE ASIA has truly matured into one of the best annual events I eagerly anticipate. The caliber of speakers and exhibition spaces is remarkable. Moreover, the WADE Awards commend outstanding talent, including emerging talent that deserves recognition.

– Ramprasad Akkisetti, Managing Director, CCBA Designs, Pune

WADE ASIA imbibes in us a sense of empowerment and adds to our confidence as female professionals. We have been associated with WADE ASIA since its inception, and every year, the event keeps growing in size and scale. We extend our warmest congratulations to Vertica and Madhurima for pulling off such a big event.

– Vaishali Chauhan, Principal Architect, Crest Architects, Surat

My first visit to WADE ASIA was truly fulfilling. I commend WADE ASIA’s efforts and wish them continued success in driving policy changes for our urban environment.

– Anal Kapadia Vaishnav, Founder, Living Roots Environmental Design Studio, Ahmedabad

WADE ASIA is not just an event; it’s a catalyst for architectural growth and innovation.
– Gaurav Gupta, Principal Architect, De: Cape Studio, Lucknow

This is my first time attending WADE ASIA and the experience is fantastic. There is an immense opportunity to interact with the colleagues from the industry. I came here as a juror and the number of enteries are pretty good with some really interesting work at display. It was really nice interacting with the upcoming talent.

– Ar Fahed Majeed, Fahed + Architects, Dubai & Kochi

Wonderful event! I was very happy to be a part of a very sincere and excellent effort. I have great respect for the production quality and content of Surfaces Reporter since it’s early days. Now it has become a benchmark amongst publications. Here is wishing you create WADE ASIA too as the benchmark awards program in coming years.
– Ar Tushar Desai, Tushar Desai Associates, Mumbai

WADE ASIA is a very-well organized event. There are many pavilions showcasing the latest products and the technical sessions are very good. I am a part of the WADE ASIA Jury. The quality of presentations was very good. There are so many youngsters coming up and creating beautiful designs. They will be the part of a promising future and impart a major change. WADE ASIA must continue its endeavour as there are not many players who are dedicated for it.
– Dr Benny Kuriakose, Benny Kuriakose & Associates, Chenna

I have witnessed the growth of WADe. It is humungous. Attended all the events. Looking forward to attend many more such events in future. It is a very big platform for women designers. Best wishes!
– ID Pragati Jain, Indore

Hats off to you girls for the concept and scale of WADE ASIA! Super, Super, Super
– Ar Monica Khosla Bhargava, Kham Consultants, Kolkata

Overall, I loved the idea of bringing woman talent in the forefront and our Indian society badly needs it. I told my wife about WADE ASIA and just by knowing about this initiative she felt confident to take her work ahead as a practicing architect. She appreciated founders & entire team for the efforts. I was aware of Surfaces Reporter but the way WADE ASIA started and evolved is notable.
– Ar Ashok Kumar Jangir, ASJ Studio, Jaipur

Kudos to Vertica and WADE Team for the fantastic event and the hospitality provided to us all. It was full two days of listening, learning, get together, mentoring, good food and nice time. Best wishes for more such event in future which I believe shall be much larger in scale.
– Ar Sunil Maniramka, Maniramka & Associates, Kolkata

Let me first congratulate you and your entire team for a much needed Industry show post Covid and at a scale which was just awesome! It was superb and I am sure it will grow more big from here on. A big thanks from bottom of my heart for making us part of the event and taking care of us. I hope I and my team were able to add and contribute to your event and all participants out there.
– Ar Sanjay Agarwal, FRDC Bengaluru

WADE ASIA is a great event & I felt elated to be a part of such a great initiative. Looking forward to more such initiatives by WADE ASIA! Best wishes.
–Ar Abhinav Jaiswal, FWD, Raipur

WADE ASIA 2022 at Delhi was an enviable national success. The scale of exhibition was huge & remarkable – a perfect one. The warmth was amiable and planning was meticulously done giving all who attended a sort of Euphoria.
– Ar Bankim Dave, Surat

The “Feel Good” factor, that was prevalent all throughout the wonderfully executed event of WADE ASIA 2022, continues to make me feel good even now! I thoroughly enjoyed being a small part of this mega event, meeting my old friends, making new ones along the way, getting awed by the scale of the exhibition and impressed by the architectural quality and innovation of the entrants..!! The fact that there were more than 1,200 entries speaks a lot about the popularity of the WADE ASIA competition. The jury was held in a very transparent and well organized manner, and as a juror, I felt satisfied at the outcome.
– Ar Bharat Sheth, V-Create Architects, Surat

Congratulations on a wonderful Event, Awards & Exhibition. I am super happy to be associated with the organisation. Thank you for making me a part of it. God bless you, Team WADe ASIA.
– Ar Mahesh Bangad, BNCA, Pune

For the lovely times, bonding, affections, care and hospitality. I am so grateful and thankful to you Madhu! Blessed to have you as dearest friends!
– Ar Sangeet Sharma, SD Sharma & Associates, Chandigarh

Leaving your city with a happy heart! Thank you Madhu for being you. I get a sense that you take too much on your plate and too kind to say no to anyone. You all have pull off the event in a great way, more power to you🥂.
– Ar Monali Sisodia, Sisodia Designs, Nashik

Bringing wood & surface industry together on one platform was very challenging, but organizers have done wonderful task & as an architect it became easy for a comparative in various segments of wood- ply, laminate, veneer, frames, flooring etc. and easy selection of brands to work with in future for different profile of clients. It also brought the awareness that our Indian vendors especially in furniture design & production are producing quality products & are striving for excellence which are at par with international competition since I have experienced Milan Fair & China in the past. MATECIA Innovation zone was a creative idea to put forth designers who want to try out new avenues for growth and it attracted aspiring students and Indian vendors looking for innovative designers with whom they could handhold together as a team for future collaborations.
– Ar Amrit Panwar, Architecture aNEW, Chandigarh

I was interacting with so many women peers for the first time in the last 25 years. It was such an enriching experience for me as I have been mostly working in my own silo for years without much interaction with the fraternity. You put together such a fine event with every little detail worked out and coupled with outstanding hospitality. Congrats to Vertica, Madhurima and WADe team.
– PRATIMA JOSHI – Founder Director – Shelter Associates, Pune

I spent amongst old and new friends at the WADe conference. Everything was so nice, beginning with the hotel and the logistics. Everything was really nice and be proud of yourself and your team for such a wonderful job.
– Christopher Charles Benninger, Founder, CCBA, Pune

The WADe Asia Conference gave me the opportunity to reconnect with many long lost Indian friends through my journey in life. It gave me opportunities and platform to make new friends which was wonderful. I was surprised at the number of person who came had said that that they enjoyed my presentation. Thanks to Madhu & Neha for so skillfully conducting the WADe Conference!
– NELA DE ZOYSA, Sri Lanka

Thanks for adding precious and unforgettable memories to my life…it was a superb event and I feel so privileged to have to have been a part of it.

Dear Vertica and Madhu, it was one of the best conferences I have attended. Love from Bhutan.

For a movement that is just 2 years old, you and your team did a wonderful job!

WADe Asia was an interesting experience with some great speakers . You indeed put in a huge effort!

I must say it is an incredible amount of work to put such an event together. I am sure the platform will get only bigger and better and with a lot of relevant issues to handle.

WADe was one of the most memorable event I have attended. In fact felt more like a close family function where you literally feel sad while leaving. Didn’t feel like Architectural event for even a minute. Best part was seeing all Asian women Architects on same stage with superb array of works.
– NeileshKenkare, Co-founder, Arch Aid, Mumbai

Vertica Dvivedi, it’s a beautiful and thoughtful initiative that you are seeing through year after year…wish there were more like you… for women in different spheres.
– SanthaGourMattoo, Planet 3 Studios, Mumbai

Enjoyed every minute at WADe India. May it keep growing under your stewardship Vertica Dvivedi.
– Sabeena Khanna, Studio K.I.A, Gurgaon

Way to go Vertica, I think you’ve shown that a determined woman can do anything. Super event!!!
– Seema Puri Mullan, Partner, SEZA, Mumbai

Super initiative Vertica to celebrate women achievers in architecture and design !!!
– Ar. Sanjay Puri

Congrats for pulling of such a meaningful event beautifully.
– Shabnam Gupta

Thank you for a Powerful event!
– Prof. KrishnaraoJaisim, Bangalore

Heartiest congratulations on putting up such a fabulous event. You deserve all the laurels that come ur way. May I say the show has just begun!Kudos to ur team! They deserve a standing ovation too. Great show!
– Payal Kapoor, Founder, Vision

“WADe Asia is a great opportunity to make a difference! It opens up avenues for creating awareness. It’s an amazing courageous forum for bringing women from the field of art, architecture; design and related mediums together and give voice and expression to their work and themselves personally too. Great show WADe Asia 2018 Vertica Dvivedi, Madhurima, Neha and the entire team.”
-Ar Bhavya Kenkare Arch-Aid, Mumbai

” Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be part of your initiative. I really enjoyed meeting some stellar creatives.”
-Pallavi Dean Interiors, Dubai

“Organising a conference focussing on women designers is a courageuos and commendable step in the mainstream profession.”
– ArNeeraAdarkar

“The profession of design & architecture needed a platform like WADe to encourage women architects to pursue the profession in their own right and not as a supportive professional to the male fraternity.”
– Neelam Manjunath

“I really enjoyed the open juries prior to the awards as it is not common to see fellow professionals share their work and have an audience viewing the work. This additionally enabled a very transparent process for all the participants.”
-SwanzalKak Kapoor, Saka Studio, Gurgaon

I really enjoyed meeting some stellar creatives. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to be part of WADe Asia.
– Ar Pallavi Dean

I would like to thank WADe Asia and the very energetic young lady who is behind this. I think it is very good to have a conference where women can participate in a such a prominent manner. Very happy to see the presentations.
– Raj Rewal, Legendary Architect