Architect’s Opinion

 “Thank you for bringing me to WADe Asia and recognizing my work.”

– Didi Contractor

“Organising a conference focussing on women designers is a courageuos and commendable step in the mainstream profession.”
– Ar Neera Adarkar

“The profession of design & architecture needed a platform like WADe to encourage women architects to pursue the profession in their own right and not as a supportive professional to the male fraternity.”
– Neelam Manjunath

The WADe Award has made our work visible to larger audience.”
– Ar. Aditi Pai, The Purple Ink Studio, Bangalore

“WADe India changed my life by making me feel that even a single practicing young woman can bring a change in society and it has definitely inspired women in my city.”
– Ar. Amruta Daulatabadkar, Aurangbaade

WADe has given our studio ‘Lovekar Design Associates’ ‘wide visibility thus making me an inspiration to many deserving & aspiring women designers who can contribute towards the betterment of the profession with the help of WADe platform.

– Ar. Anjali Lovekar, Pune

“Receiving the award from the prestigious WADe not just gave me more recognition and fame but also conveyed the good intent behind this initiative.“
– Jasmine Kaur, Surat

WADe award has helped me to get more noticed. People want to know more about me and your work.

– Pallavi Singh

“Doesn’t matter from which corner you are, if you have talent, this platform is for you. WADe has become my source of inspiration to work harder in future. Happy to be a WADe Woman!“
– Yashashree Ramchandra Purohit, Kolhapur

“WADe Asia is a very good organised event executed in such a professional way. Where top of the line architects were there.The deliverables promised were delivered. Happy with the post event promotion and the articles published.“
– SRIRAM NAGPAL, Regional Head-Mumbai, Vista

I was interacting with so many women peers for the first time in the last 25 years. It was such an enriching experience for me as I have been mostly working in my own silo for years without much interaction with the fraternity. You put together such a fine event with every little detail worked out and coupled with outstanding hospitality. Congrats to Vertica, Madhurima and WADe team.

– PRATIMA JOSHI, Founder Director, Shelter Associates, Pune

Thank you WADe ASIA! You made all of us feel proud.

– SHITAL KAPADE, Hon. Secretary, IIID, Indore

I spent amongst old and new friends at the WADe conference. Everything was so nice, beginning with the hotel and the logistics. Everything was really nice and be proud of yourself and your team for such a wonderful job.

– Christopher Charles Benninger, Founder, CCBA, Pune

The WADe ASIA Conference gave me the opportunity to reconnect with many long lost Indian friends through my journey in life. It gave me opportunities and platform to make new friends which was wonderful. I was surprised at the number of person who came had said that that they enjoyed my presentation. Thanks to Madhu & Neha for so skillfully conducting the WADe Conference!

– NELA DE ZOYSA, Sri Lanka

I would like to thank Deepshikha and WADe for the warm welcome & great hospitality extended to my parents. Thanks a ton to WADe team for being so affectionate and caring. Wishing more success and desiring to be a part of them.

– Jasmine Kaur, Artist, Gujarat

Thanks for adding precious and unforgettable memories to my life…it was a superb event and I feel so privileged to have to have been a part of it.


Dear Vertica and Madhu, it was one of the best conferences I have attended. Love from Bhutan.


For a movement that is just 2 years old, you and your team did a wonderful job!


WADe ASIA event was designed with great skill and handled with immense grace, warmth and professionalism.


Vertica….loved you yesterday…that girl whom I met in 2016 has grown multifold. You spoke from your heart and danced with your soul. Bringing so many of us together…..from the sub-continent is not easy. WELL DONE!!!!


WADe ASIA was an interesting experience with some great speakers . You indeed put in a huge effort!


Thanks for all the hospitality and such a wonderful event. It was a grand success!


Team WADe, Hard work did well. I love the way you all conduct yourself. Stay Humble and grounded and you will soar. May you all achieve many more laurels and success.


I must say it is an incredible amount of work to put such an event together. I am sure the platform will get only bigger and better and with a lot of relevant issues to handle.


Great times spent at the WADe ASIA Conference 2017….Interesting presentations and panel discussions, inspiring keynotes by Didi Contractor and Christopher Benninger, mesmerising cultural performances and wonderful platform for meeting a galaxy of successful women architects and designers from Asia.


WADe was one of the most memorable event I have attended. In fact felt more like a close family function where you literally feel sad while leaving. Didn’t feel like Architectural event for even a minute. Best part was seeing all Asian women Architects on same stage with superb array of works.

– Neilesh Kenkare, Co-founder, Arch Aid, Mumbai

You girls totally rocked Madhurima, Vertica, Neha and Deepsikha.Thanks for getting together this huge effort! To many more…

– Shilpa Jain Balvally, PARTNER, STUDIO OSMOSIS

For a young architect such as me, hearing architects of the like of Didi Contractor and seeing her admirable work was truly inspirational. It’s absolutely commendable to have seen the architects you brought together from such diverse backgrounds and places, and with such a rich body of work.

– Ar. Tanvi Jain, Ahmedabad

Vertica Dvivedi, it’s a beautiful and thoughtful initiative that you are seeing through year after year…wish there were more like you… for women in different spheres.

– Santha Gour Mattoo, Planet 3 Studios, Mumbai

Enjoyed every minute at WADe India. May it keep growing under your stewardship Vertica Dvivedi.

– Sabeena Khanna, Studio K.I.A, Gurgaon

Way to go Vertica, I think you’ve shown that a determined woman can do anything. Super event!!!

– Seema Puri Mullan, Partner, SEZA, Mumbai

Great initiative Vertica…. Kudos to the entire WADe team !!! Very well organized event. Was a pleasure attending the same.

– Sabeena Khanna, Director, Studio KIA

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to the speakers and their experiences in setting up Women-led practices. Dr Kiran Bedi enthused a lot of positivity in us women and gave an insight on how bureaucratic sensitivity led to a good design of the new Tihar jail. I look forward to more such shared stories and experiences. More power to women!! Cheers!

– Namrata, Goa

Congratulations and Thank you WADe for recognizing the potential & contribution of women in the field of Architecture. It is credible how everyone from the industry has come together to support your initiative.
I realised there is enough support available in the industry it’s just the matter of raising the voice, Thanks for being that “Voice”.

– Priyanka Khanna, Partner, 42mm Architecture

Super initiative Vertica to celebrate women achievers in architecture and design !!!

– Ar. Sanjay Puri

Congrats for pulling of such a meaningful event beautifully.
– Shabnam Gupta

It was an amazing experience to attend WADe. Feeling proud to meet role models of WADe. I want to congratulate all women Architects and Designers, and specially Vertica Ma’m. I’m very thankful. It was just awesome, can’t define my happiness in words.
– Ar. Avitesh Chaudhary, She has studied architecture from GBTU and is in between studies & work

Congrats! You have made it happen!

– Suman Singh, Interior Designer, Hyderabad

Thank you for a Powerful event!

– Prof. Krishnarao Jaisim, Bangalore

Really appreciate the effort behind the event and validation to women designers & architects. All the hard work had a great result!

– Ar. Canna Patel

Great event, rise & shine, many more to come!

– Prabjyot Kaur, MD, Vizion

Heartiest congratulations on putting up such a fabulous event. You deserve all the laurels that come ur way. May I say the show has just begun!

Kudos to ur team! They deserve a standing ovation too. Great show!
– Payal Kapoor, Founder, Vision

It is indeed the right step towards recognising the Indian women designers. They need to be given the due respect for their outstanding creativity and WADe is the perfect platform for recognition …. HATS OFF!
– Ganeshan Mahadevan, Chennai

WADe Was wonderful! Took back lot of positive energy!

– Nandini Bazaz

Stupendously Fantabulous WADE 🙂
It was an wonderful experience at WADe. Women who were the most dormant segment of India population have now become active participants in all walks of life. People have long posed the question: Is talent born or bred? No doubt, there are natural born leaders, and then there are those who make it to the top with an unwavering work ethic. But regardless of how skill, determination and cutting-edge creativity are cultivated, it’s clear that some people pave the way for the rest of us to follow.
When it comes to Interior Design, these qualities translate into influencing how designs are developed, products are created, companies are operated, and even how new stars are born.

– Akansha Bansal

Commendable job done! Cheers!

– Lalita Tharani, Collaborative Architecture

Thanks a ton Vertica Dvivedi for giving all of us women a platform with a purpose!

– Annkur Khosla, Mumbai

Dear Vertica and Neha, We had a wonderful time…

My question to Vertica is……


The well researched panel, Grand Event, Grand Successs…and an amazing tribute to Zaha Hadid…Susanne and Zarine were awesome and the icing on the cake was Vasu Prmlani. Our salute to all of you and WADe team. Food and Desserts …very well selected.

– Pooja Khanna Tyagi

It was a great Pleasure attending this event. Got to know different perspective from eminent woman architects. Got the insights and motivation to balance work life and getting the inspiration for making a niche for myself and give soceity in return as an Architect.

Thanks again for giving me the opportunity to come as a delegate. I hope WADE would continue in future.

– Ar. Swati Bansal, VIVE Interior

CONGRATULATIONS WADe team for making the event a grand success.
I thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions.
It was quite inspiring to see all the lovely ladies who have made a great impact on the built environment.
I wish you all the very best for your all future endevours.

– Parul, Creations Design

WADe India event was good given that it was the first time for this to take place. Over all, it was wonderful to meet so many architects at one place. Really looking forward to more events in the future.

– Vindhya, Space Fiction Studio

“WADe event is a great initiative and such kind of events are needed”

– Ar. Rajendra Kumar, B.Arch, M.S.Arch (Italy)