WADE ARCHIDESIGN NATIONAL COMPETITION is open to all Indian Women Architects, Designers, Artists and Photographers while DESIGNS INDIA Architecture Conference, a specially curated national conference on Architecture & Design is open to all.

Partners can sponsor DESIGNS INDIA Architecture Conference and WADE Project Competitions. Sponsorship is not open for Top categories through nominations.

Contact: +91-9867333972, hello@wadeasia.com

WADE AWARDS open up during January - March every year. Keep a close watch on the website www.wadeasia.com and social media pages.

We ask, 'why not?'

Women architects, interior designers, and professionals in real estate, construction, engineering and art comprise of almost 35-40% of the fraternity. They are strong decision-makers when it comes to design, aesthetics, sustainability, luxury and more. They are emerging as powerful contenders in designing the new India, livable cities, and healthy lifestyles.

With all the opportunities that are there, women needed a platform that supports, recognizes their contribution and put them on a higher pedestal where their work is more visible. Women usually put networking in the back seat and focus on the multiple roles they have as professionals and roles at home as nurturers. WADE ASIA recognized this need in the bud and started the platform way back in 2016.

Currently, we accept projects which are based in India and from women working in India.

Every year, WADE ASIA recognizes top women in the built spaces through nominations. These awards are not limited to India.

The categories are:

  •  WADE India Role Model Of The Year Award
  • WADE India Special Contribution Award
  • WADE India Academia Award
  • WADE India Sustainability Champion of the Year
  • WADE India Art Maestro Award
  • WADE India Lifetime Achievement Award

Yes. They have to get a declaration from the principal architect of the firm.