INDIA INTERIOR RETAILING (IIR) is a common platform for the B2B community in the retail chain, which is dealing, selling, buying, stocking, importing and distributing interior & architectural products to the B2C market or consumers.



1. ENABLING DIALOG UES within the Retailing community
2. Through Knowledge & information, SPREADING THE BEST MARKET PRACTICES
3. Executing RESEARCH & ANALYSIS to forecast Interior Retailing industry of India
4. REWARDS & RECOGNITION of the best showrooms, companies, products, distribution, etc.

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IIR is adding great value to the participating brands of WADe ASIA who are supplying products through the B2B chain.

India Interior Retailing (IIR) intends to bring together leaders from the nation’s top interior retailers and suppliers to learn, share ideas, develop businesses, build new partnerships and solve problems across the retail space. The GOAL of IIR is to facilitate engaging discussions around the following so as to build the knowledge of the retailers and equip them with unique tips to achieve growth.

SRPR The Talk of Town are city events on Architecture, Design, Urban Planning and Interior Retailing. They are neatly designed conference aimed to connect, engage, unify, integrate and grow the architects, artists, and designers fraternity to facilitate learning, sharing and networking among the industry’s who’s who, industry biggies and the aspiring ones.

The sessions are power packed, where the community of Architecture and Design in that region assemble, participate and share their wisdom, ideas and industry updates. In partnership with WADe ASIA, these city events are scheduled to act as prelude to the Mega National Architecture meet.

Towns & cities where SRPR The Talk of Town city events were held are:
  • Ahmedabad
  • Yamuna Nagar
  • Bangalore
  • Lucknow
  • Perumbavoor
  • Delhi
  • Bareilly
  • Pune
  • Jalandhar
  • Mumbai

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Strengths of Partnership between WADe ASIA and SRPR The Talk of Town Architecture & Design event for towns & cities:

SRPR The Talk of Town Architecture & Design event adds muscle to WADe ASIA Mega National Event. Events are done in 11 cities by SRPR The Talk of Town connecting with thousands of architects and designers across India.

The last few events were super successful including Delhi (16 March), Lucknow (6 April), Ahmedabad (4th May) and Bangalore (18 May). What can be more powerful for an event rather than working on the ground and meeting & connecting with stakeholders everywhere?

As a prelude to WADe ASIA, these events have warmed up the fraternity and sparked enthusiasm for the mega event. It is the tough but sure shot way to deliver the best to sponsors.


Your target for connecting with Architects, Designers & the Building design fraternity will be best served with WADe Asia because:
  • We ensure your investment get great Return on Investment (ROI). We assist in connecting.
  • Leverage from our 19 years of industry connections
  • WADe ASIA has great goodwill and great content which attracts designers to associate with the platform proudly. Brands get more respect with WADe Asia.
  • Prepare for your grand presentation at WADe ASIA
  • 20 hours of networking opportunity with 1500+ important/ filtered designers/ engineers/ architects/ consultants
  • This is the platform you can directly connect with Principal Architects & Designers/ Developers to build-up relationship
  • No other Event Platform is as STRONG as WADe Asia in NORTH INDIA. We are unbeatable for NORTH, great for the WEST and good for the rest. Dignitaries from all over India join in mega event WADe Asia.
  • Brand to Architect Connect gives top class mileage in a dedicated area for interaction. You will love WADe ASIA.
  • We have completed 11 city architecture events ‘SRPR The Talk of Town’ in Mumbai, Delhi, Lucknow, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Kerala, and more. These adds muscle to WADe ASIA and enables entry of the best of architects from across India
  • Being the house of respected magazines like Surfaces Reporter, The Ply Reporter and Furniture Design & Technology gives us continuous connections and power to connect with the who’s who in the industry, government and city.
  • Last but not the least, our willingness to make your brand win in this association scores the highest point and no wise person can ignore this fact.
Book your calendar for WADe ASIA 2019, which will be a two-day event on 11 Oct and 12 Oct 2019 in NSIC Okhla, New Delhi. For sponsorship, participation and other engaging opportunities, please toss a line to or get in touch with one of our WADe enthusiasts at +91 9310612980.

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