WADE ASIA® Winners 2019 – Tejal Rajput, Ashvin Modi Architects, Bharuch

WADE ASIA® Winners 2019 - Tejal Rajput, Ashvin Modi Architects, Bharuch
By wadeasia 9 May, 2022

Second Runner Up


Excellence – Most Sustainable Design


Tejal Rajput, Ashvin Modi Architects, Bharuch


Tejal Rajput belongs to Bharuch in Gujarat and is currently practicing in Bharuch. During her practice of more than 22 years, she has worked on huge array of projects of varied nature such as residential, commercial, corporate and institutional. However, corporate interiors have been her forte and major area of interest. Besides practice, Tejal is passionate about teaching. She has been involved in academics as a visiting faculty, thesis guide and jury member in various design institutions of the region.


What did you learn or get by visiting WADE ASIA?

At WADE, I discovered wonderful people who specialise in different art forms, materials and design elements that I can incorporate into my future projects. It has been a very fulfilling experience to be at an event like WADE ASIA wherein there is a congregation of art and architecture. It helps one to broaden their horizon and explore an inclusive approach for a more richer and holistic outcome.


As a WADE Woman & WADE Winner, how would you contribute towards the cause & other fellow professionals or the sector in general?

I feel very happy to be a WADE Winner and I truly aspire to be a giver. I am passionate about education and thus always strive to give back to students, the knowledge I have received by adding my own bit to it. I would enjoy contributing through presentations, discussion and debates.


How is coming together of Women in Design, Art, Architecture, Engineering as a community, led by WADE ASIA, is building up the fraternity?

WADE ASIA is a remarkable initiative in the sense that it provides exclusive platform for women in the design fraternity to come together, engage in meaningful conversations and discussions, participate and compete for one’s own enhancement. It was my first time at WADE event and I made wonderful friends from different corners of the country. I am sure it would contribute greatly to motivate the budding women fraternity by such events.

“Each one of us is a creative spark and WADE ASIA unites us to create a flame that would light up the path of times to come. WADE ASIA deserves all the accolades for creating the platform for women.”


Do you think design has the power to build better communities? How?

For sure – yes. Design has tremendous power to positively impact upon our communities. Design actually acts as a tool to connect, to collaborate and to address social issues in the local community. A swift glance in our own Indian history offers innumerable examples. The step wells and the Pols of Old city of Ahmedabad are great examples showcasing how design elements and expressions transcend the physical manifestation to influence the social fabric, resource conservation ideas and facilitate economic and religious notions of community.


What you do wish to see WADE ASIA in the future?

I would be happy to see WADE events percolating to the regional levels offering opportunity to smaller centers.


Note: This article was originally published on Surfaces Reporter December 2019 Issue.

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