WADE ASIA® Winners 2019 – NIMISHA HAKKIM, DAC Global, Calicut

By wadeasia 9 May, 2022



Emerging Architect


Runner up, Excellence-Educational




Nimisha Hakkim is partner and urban designer at DAC, and has expertise in urban renewal and regeneration, building restoration and architectural design. Nimisha is passionate about creating spaces that speak to its inhabitants and designing cities for people with only secondary importance to vehicles. She believes that design is
an evolutionary process, a principle that has been established as the core of her practice at DAC. Nimisha has led the firm to branch out into the field of urban design, with projects that involve the revitalisation and refurbishment of noted historical assets in the Calicut city.


Do you think architecture has the power to build better communities?

Architecture in its unabridged form creates spaces that endure as enclaves for community gathering and living. It creates a conjunction for people to connect and grow, shaping and reflecting on the concerns of the community. As architecture is the direct response to human needs, our project Design Ashram, located in the Gujarati Street was envisioned as a community space for like-minded people to bond, share and gather, holding the essence of the Gujarati community.


Your biggest takeaway from WADE ASIA?

WADE ASIA paved for me an opportunity to meet the most talented artists, architects and designers across the globe, widening my perspective in various fields of my career.

Through WADE, I got to enhance my professional connection with the associated industries and gained
a broader perspective about the extensive talent across the globe.


Being a WADE Woman & WADE Winner are about responsibility. How are you feeling?

Indeed it’s great pleasure, and I am truly honoured to be a winner! Thank you team WADE for getting me this achievement.

I appreciate the contribution of WADE ASIA towards giving women the recognition they deserve for their accomplishments. It was a privilege to be a part of it.

WADE has dealt as an admirable platform to connect women in design, art and architecture and also is a great forum for cognizance, ideation and discussion.

Gathering and sharing one’s experiences plays an undivided role in informating individuals. Curating workshops that are focused towards skill building would be worthwhile for fellow professionals.


Any suggestion for WADE ASIA:

Curating workshops and travel experiences for both professionals and students would be a good initiative
and beneficial for individuals.


Note: This article was originally published on Surfaces Reporter December 2019 Issue.

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