WADE ASIA® Winners 2019 – Krishna Kapadia, Studio Lagom, Surat

WADE ASIA WINNERS 2019 - Krishna Kapadia, Studio Lagom, Surat
By wadeasia 9 May, 2022



Excellence – Hospitality

Best Use of Color – Architecture


Second Runner Up


Emerging Architect


Krishna Kapadia, Studio Lagom, Surat


Krishna Kapadia believes in architecture that gives importance to the beauty of each material, by creating the right balance between less and more; something that is always in harmony with nature. She has been working with Studio Lagom for 2 years. With her extremely sincere attitude towards learning and contributing she has done enormous work ranging from conceptualisation to realisation of various types of projects like residences, apartment interiors, cafe cum restaurant and many more. She has been a major contributor and has represented the firm for various awards.

“Events like WADE ASIA must be encouraged more to support women and get them recognised all over the world.”


What is good art according to you?

It is the matter of perception. Art is an emotion expressed through any media. So the art which connects the emotions and desires of an artist, which leaves a strong impact on the viewer is a good art, according to me.


How would you contribute to WADE ASIA through art?

Art (music, movie, painting) can warn the audience to a numerous social issues related to women and contribute to a positive change in the society. It has the power to bring change in the society. By writing on art/design and responding to the queries related to it, I would like to contribute to WADE Asia.


As a WADE Winner, which are the areas you would contribute?

I would be really interested in volunteering for any sort of creative work that would help bringing change in our society towards its betterment


What are the factors you respond to while deciding about the colour theme of a project?

It depends upon the overall thought behind the design of the project. What ambience I want to achieve in that particular space. How the amount of natural light and artificial light is going to affect the value of the colour. For what function that space is going to be used. It also depends on the nature of the user who is going to use that space.


Your opinion on WADE ASIA and its objectives.

WADE is a wonderful platform to recognise the talented women around. It is an excellent way to share the ideas and learn from others. Events like this should be encouraged more to support women and get them recognised all over the world. As it brings women from all fraternity under one roof, more and more ideas can be exchanged. It is a great way of learning and gaining knowledge from like-minded people, which will indeed help in growing further.


Few suggestions for the future.

WADE is a great initiative. Keep up the good work by providing the platform for all the women to inspire and grow.


Note: This article was originally published on Surfaces Reporter December 2019 Issue.

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