WADE ASIA® Winners 2019 – Chiranjivi Lunkad, Studio Infinity, Pune

WADE ASIA® Winners 2019 - Chiranjivi Lunkad, Studio Infinity, Pune
By wadeasia 9 May, 2022

Runner Up


Best Use of Color – Interior Design


Chiranjivi Lunkad, Studio Infinity, Pune


Chiranjivi Lunkad co-founded Studio Infinity along with Architect Tushar Kothawade in 2008. Since its inception, Studio Infinity has successfully completed a wide spectrum of projects,with a conscious effort to create a common platform, where creative endeavors are backed by professional expertise. The firm believes that design interventions cast a major impact on the user and its surroundings. Keeping this in mind, the firm focuses on creating more meaningful spaces for its occupants, adhering to the realistic aspects of budget and time. In the recent years, Chiranjivi Lunkad has ably led the organisation to be recognised at various regional and national forums, through design awards, publications and exhibitions.


What is good art according to you?

Art, in its broadest sense, is a form of communication. It is a way of expressing feelings, thoughts and emotions. So, I think that good art is the one that does justice to these expressions. Good art touches the mind, heart or soul of the viewer.


What role can art play in making a positive social impact by solving social causes related to women?

Art influences society by changing opinions, instilling values of social causes related to women. For example, art installations/paintings/sculptures which portray women issues installed in public/recreational spaces make people think about those issues and concerns and generate awareness regarding the same.


What are the three factors you respond to while deciding about the color theme of a project?

a) Understand the user and functional aspect of space

b) Overall material palette of the project

c) Desired emotional impact through special transformations.

“The kind of knowledge sharing that happens in WADE ASIA across the streams of art, architecture & design gives an opportunity for huge learning.”


As a WADE Woman, which area would you contribute?

I would like to contribute by spreading the awareness for good design values through my work. I would also like to use this platform and contribute to the fraternity by presentations, workshops and talks.


Your opinion on WADE ASIA and its objectives.

WADE ASIA gives an opportunity to women in the fields of Architecture, Design and Art in India to show their talent and creativity in the design field. It encourages the young women generation to do better work and get recognition for the same. It bridges the gap between young women designers and other leading and aspiring architects and designers by giving an equal platform.


Note: This article was originally published on Surfaces Reporter December 2019 Issue.

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