Masterclass with Mentors: Inspiring session by top female design leaders

By wadeasia 18 January, 2024

Masterclass with Mentors, the flagship session of WADE ASIA 2023 witnessed the participation of Ar Chitra Vishwanath, Principal and MD, Biome Environment Solutions, Bangalore; Ar Neelam Manjunath, Principal, Manasaram Architects, Bangalore; Ar Ponni M. Concessao, Co-founder, Oscar & Ponni Architects, Chennai and ID Aparna Kaushik, Principal Architect and Founder, Aparna Kaushik Design Group, Delhi. The session was moderated by Ms. Vertica Dvivedi, Founder, WADE ASIA.

Masterclass sessions have always been on the upfront for seeking resolution to persistent issues centered on the business of architecture and design. In doing so it has acted as a guiding light by mentoring architects especially the ones who are new to the arena. This time around queries were raised even by firms who were fifteen years old.

Amidst the mentor’s responses to an array of questions, a discussion arose concerning working with young architects.

Neelam Manjunath emphasized self-governance in her firm, allowing architects to thrive while offering necessary support. She shared an inspiring example of an intern who returned as an alumnus, crediting her time at the firm for helping her manage her family business following her father’s untimely demise.

Ar. Ponni stressed the importance of conveying that success in architecture requires grit, patience, and hard work, unlike certain high-paying professions.

Aparna Kaushik highlighted that today’s youth are well-informed about architecture and design due to social media exposure. However, she noted that social media often conceals the hard work involved, posing a challenge in managing their preconceived notions.

Ms. Vishwanath added that many employable architects today come from well-off families, emphasizing the need to empathize with those from different backgrounds.

“WADE Masterclass with Mentors” was a guidance session that offered insight, direction, and support. It was specially designed & curated for young & aspiring architects and designers who are in the beginning or early stages of running their firms, for the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of the world of design, with experienced mentors leading the way.