Design Relationships: Architect Couples

By wadeasia 29 January, 2024

Couple as Design Partners in Life & Work is one of the intriguing and recurring panel discussions at WADE ASIA since 2016. This session delves into the intricacies and humorous anecdotes of the life of architect and designer as couples who are professionally partners at work. They generously share their experiences and strategies while living and working together.

The 8th edition of WADE ASIA had witnessed the participation of some wonderful young couples discussing about how to develop an appropriate balance between work and life, their experiences, challenges they face as designers and couples.


Amita Kulkarni & Vikrant Tike, Co-Founder and Principal Architect, SAV Architecture, Goa.

Ar Tushar Kothawade & ID Chiranjivi Lunkad, Principal Architects, Studio Infinity, Pune.

Ar Vaibhav Shah & Ar Gauri Shah, Founders, Studio Facilis, Mumbai.

Ar Akshay Heranjal & Ar Aditi Pai Heranjal, Co-Founders and Principal Architect, The Purple Ink Studio, Bengaluru.

Moderator: Dr Anuradha Chatterjee, Professor and Dean, School of Design and Innovation, RV University, Bengaluru.