WADE Role Model of the Year Award


Any woman from the Architecture, Interior Design, Art, Construction, Building Material Industry of India can Self-Nominate or Nominate a Woman Architect, Designer, Artist, Academician, Consultant, etc.

Among the Woman Architect, Interior Designer, Artist, Academician, Consultant, etc of India, who is your Role Model and why? Share your opinion and WADe will bring the contributions of such a person in the limelight. It is not necessary for the women to be famous & known. She could be someone whose work speaks greater than her communication with the world. She could also be someone who is known for her work but her passionate contributions in other significant pursuits like teaching, mentoring, working towards designing/restoring architecture, contribution towards smart city initiatives, material explorations, may still be unknown.

If you are nominating yourself, elaborate the reasons why you are nominating yourself.

Preference will be given to social & community pursuits pertaining Design, Art & Architecture. This award aims to recognize a Senior Woman Architect, Interior Designer, Academician, Consultant, etc through active nominations from Industry.

There is no Age Limit for this category.

For any clarification feel free to call us at 9310612998 / 9310612980 or you may drop your query at award@wadeasia.com