WADE ASIA celebrates the coming back of women in business and profession after a break. The Comeback Champion for Women Architecture and Design Awards is a special category that recognizes women architects and designers who have successfully returned to their profession after taking a significant break due to personal reasons.

Overall, the Comeback Champion category seeks to recognize women in design who have demonstrated resilience, determination, and a commitment to their profession, despite personal or professional setbacks. The nominees are evaluated based on their professional achievements, creativity, and innovation, as well as their ability to successfully return to the field after a break.

The intention of WADE ASIA is to set examples for other women to strive and come back to the profession if they choose to. If struggles are there, there is also an organization like WADE ASIA waiting to hear their stories and recognise them on a national platform.

The following are some guidelines that may be helpful for potential nominees:

  • Period of break – 2+ years
  • Reason for the break must be elaborately mentioned for the jury to evaluate
  • Only for women (Architects, Interior Designers, Product Designers, Civil/ Structural Engineers, Professionals in the real estate, construction)
  • What makes you an Inspiring Comeback Champion? Mention how you managed to do your best during the break, and you had bridged the gap as well as achievements if any after starting back. The nominee may include any awards, recognition, or publications related to her work in the field of architecture and design.
  • Personal Statement: The nominee should provide a personal statement that describes her journey and experience of returning to the profession, including any challenges she faced and how she overcame them.

Note: It is mandatory to fill up the WADE survey form along with submission of entry.

For any clarification or assistance, applicants can contact WADE ASIA at 9999612977 or email at award@wadeasia.com.