WADE ASIA 2022 : Special Guest Session | Tech Ambassadors of Architecture Torchbearers of Change

By wadeasia 13 December, 2022

The special guest session marked a historic milestone with WADE ASIA as the Terrific Trio architects Yatin Patel, Mehul Shah & Bimal Desai meets the fraternity together at the same forum, same stage for the first time ever in DSP Design’s 34 years strong business history!

The session was a dream of Vertica Dvivedi, eversince they were featured in the coverstory of SURFACES REPORTER magazine.
Together, the trio set the stage on fire with their experiences of bringing out technological advancements in the field of design when everyone was still slogging with the drawing boards. Sharing an incident, they spoke how they took their computers to one of their client meetings in order to showcase him their first-ever presentation and the rest is history. This and many more suchincidences were shared during the course of forty minutes post which, the session went open for audience who also raised some pertinent questions about using the technological tools in the business of design.

The session was moderated by Vertica Dvivedi, the founder of WADE ASIA.
The session also marked an iconic moment as Vertica Dvivedi & Madhurima Chowdhury, the proud WADE sisters received a Standing Ovation for their hard work & dedication in building a platform so strong & taking it up to the national level in recognizing the contribution of Women in design fraternity.


Moments captured during the Special Guest Session at WADE ASIA 2022