WADE ASIA 2022: Keynote Session I Breaking the Myth of the Individual Master Architect

By wadeasia 22 December, 2022

The keynote session at WADE ASIA witnessed a fantastic discussion by Ar Shimul Javeri Kadri and her partners Vaishali Shankar, Sarika Shetty & Roshni Kshirsagar. The session began with the notable architect talking about the workings of SJK Architects and some of their key projects. The presentation threw light on various aspects of the practice, their collaborations etc.

Later on, the stage got open for questions where Shimul and her partners responded on breaking the myth of being the individual master architect. They spoke about being a collective as well as nurturing the individual qualities of each team member.

Thirty-two years ago, when Shimul founded SJK Architects, she started out as a one-woman army. Now, three of her long-time colleagues Vaishali, Sarika & Roshni have joined her at the helm as partners, the renowned architect demonstrates how power, when shared, can only grow more incandescent as a guiding light.

Passion & Ideas have many takers, if there is commitment & communication. This is not a lone journey – find mentors & collaborators & learn to delegate. – Shimul Javeri Kadri, Principal Architect at SJK Architects

SJK has always given me abundant freedom & opportunities to grow. Partnership is a big extension of the same.  – Vaishali Mangal vedhekar, Design Director at SJK Architects

I have witnessed my entire journey at SJK Architects from being a young woman to becoming a mother. While working together for years, we have developed certain ways of bonding with each other. – Design Director at SJK Architects

My attitude towards so many things in life, outside of work, has changed due to everything that I have learned here & the way I have grown here. – Roshni Kshirsagar, Design Director at SJK Architects

Some of the notable projects accomplished by SJK Architects are HOTEL AT BODHGAYA at Bihar, FOREST OF CHINT at Mumbai, SPARKRILL INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL at Telangana, NIRVANA FILMS’ STUDIO at Bengaluru , AUTOMOBILE DESIGN STUDIO at Mumbai, BOAT CLUB APARTMENTS at Chennai, THE DASAVATARA HOTEL at Tirupati & the list goes on.

Moments captured during the Keynote Session at WADE ASIA 2022


Vertica Dvivedi with the Torchbearers of SJK Architects

Vertica Dvivedi & Shimul Javeri Kadri share a fun filled moment at WADE ASIA 2022