Objectives of WADE ASIA®

By wadeasia 17 August, 2022

Many women architects and designers have been vocal about the role of WADE ASIA in their career. Pratima Joshi, a founding member of Shelter Associates (Pune) has been able to come out of a bubble and connect with her peers. She says, “I was interacting with so many women peers for the first time in the last 25 years. It was such an enriching experience for me as I have been mostly working in my own silo for years without much interaction with the fraternity. You put together such a fine event with every little detail worked out and coupled with outstanding hospitality. Congrats to Vertica, Madhurima and WADE team.”

Women like her and Tanvi Jain have been able to drive inspiration from a diverse group of architects and designers. Many have understood the true power of a community through WADE. Men and Women come together to celebrate the strength and recognition of women in Design. Architects from diverse backgrounds with rich minds come together to share their stories of how they did it. Let us look at what these women had to say about WADE.

“What you have created- the space, the energy, the team, the immense possibilities of exploration and exchange- all of this incredible. May you go from strength to strength.” – Sumana Chandrasekhar, India Foundation for the Arts, Bangalore

“WADE ASIA is a platform to perform the Art in architecture. It helps me a lot to criticize, research, and improve more on it. This has given the opportunity to network with the fraternity.” –Shana Fathima, Kondotty, Kerala

“The profession of architecture needed a platform like WADE ASIA to encourage women architects to pursue their profession in their own right and not as a supportive professional to the male fraternity. Thanks and all the best! We are and will be there at all times to support you fully in all your ventures!” – Neelam Manjunath, Manasaram Architects, Bangalore

“WADE is an opportunity to make a difference and I strongly encourage you to collaborate and highlight the talents of women in Asia.” – Ar Yasmin Shariff, London Honorary Secretary, Architectural Association and National Counsellor RIBA

WADE has seen proud fathers bringing in their daughters to actively participate in the creative Industry. Sons have helped their mother to come back to the profession by networking at WADE. The energy is awesome, that of possibilities.

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