This award recognizes outstanding Architecture and Interior Design projects that excel in various factors such as innovative use of materials, consideration of cultural context, integration of sustainable features, creative utilization of traditional and modern techniques, a thoughtful structural design approach, and more.

This award celebrates projects that showcase sensitivity towards heritage and tradition, while also embracing modern technology. The judges will consider a range of relevant factors, and the award seeks to honor exceptional work that pushes the boundaries of design excellence.

Categories of Excellence are mentioned below:

Fascinating Facade


  1. Commercial Architecture: Office Buildings – Includes buildings for offices and businesses
  2. Commercial Interiors: Includes interior design of offices and other commercial buildings


  1. Retail Architecture: Includes buildings for retail stores, shopping centers, and malls
  2. Retail Interiors: Includes Interiors of retail spaces, shopping centers and malls

Residential (Above 3000 sft)

  1. High-End Residential Interior Project (Villas, Bungalows, Apartments)
  2. High End Residential Architecture Project (Villas, Bungalows, Apartments & Group Housing)

– Proper mention of why you think that this project of yours should be awarded for High End Homes category is very much essential.
– Mention about the locational advantages, products and materials used, kind of design what makes it super luxury, objective of building the home and any other special needs.

Residential (Upto 3000 sft)

  1. Residential Interior Project – Individual Homes & Apts
  2. Residential Architecture Project – Individual Homes & Apts


  1. Landscape Public Spaces: Includes design of public parks, squares, streetscapes, clubs, pools, schools, corporate arenas and other such places.
  2. Landscape Private Spaces: Includes design of private gardens, vertical gardens and outdoor living spaces

Public Buildings

  1. Administrative Buildings – These include government buildings, offices, and public service centers that provide administrative services to the public.
  2. Institutional Buildings – These include buildings for education, research, cultural, and recreational institutions, such as universities, museums, libraries, and sports facilities
  3. Religious Buildings – These include temples, mosques, churches, and other religious structures that serve as places of worship for the public.

Note: The sub category must be clearly mentioned in the project submission (Eg: PUBLIC BUILDING – Religious Buildings)

Industrial Buildings

Includes buildings for manufacturing, production, and other industrial processes, Data centers, Warehousing, Logistic facilities


IncludesHotels, Resorts, Restaurants, Bars, Cafes, Lounges, Nightclubs, Event spaces, Conference centers

  1. High-end Hospitality Interior Projects
  2. Hospitality Architecture Projects


Includes Hospitals, Clinics, Medical centers, Rehabilitation centers, Wellness centers, Nursing homes, Assisted living facilities, Hospices, Laboratories

  1. Healthcare & Well-being Interior Projects
  2. Healthcare Architecture Projects


The Most Sustainable Design – Use of innovative techniques and materials that minimize the environmental impact of the project while maximizing its positive contribution to society. Projects can come from any sector, including residential, commercial, industrial, and public infrastructure

Healthy & Safe Interiors

Includes Residential Interior & Commercial Interior projects that prioritize the well-being and safety of occupants while promoting sustainable design practices. Projects submitted in this category will be evaluated based on criteria like Use of Emission-Free Products and Materials, Sustainability Considerations, Safety Features.

To be eligible for this award category, please follow the below guidelines:

  • Applicants have to submit one completed project. Project that you submit for the competition can be maximum 6 years old (2019 onward).
  • Applicants are eligible to apply for more than one category by filling up different Application Form for each category.
  • The project must be submitted in a single A2 size paper (300 dpi, PDF format, clear at 100% viewing in photoshop) with brief information and a suitable headline with the project category properly mentioned on top. Use only one A2 sheet.
  • A2 sheet must be designed in Vertical format only (16.5 width x 23.4 height in Inches). Please check the project image at the end of the page for reference.
  • Applicants may mention about Client’s brief, Objective of the design & how the objectives were achieved. You may also include about the Challenges of the project & how those challenges were met. Keep it brief and precise. Supporting images should be put in the same sheet with Image captions and drawings.
  • Do not mention your name, firm name, address, or any other details in the A2 sheets. A code will be allotted after the submission procedure is completed.
  • By submitting the projects for the competition, you declare that these are your original work or you have made the maximum contribution to accomplishing the project.
  • Projects that have already won a WADE award should not be submitted again for the competition.
  • No age limit.
  • Applicant have to submit ‘Declaration Letter’ under the following 2 circumstances:

I. Declaration letter from the Principal of the firm: Professional working for a firm, submit a ‘Declaration Letter’in the firm’s letter head duly attested by the principal of the firm with following content duly signed & stamped.

“No objection letter”, “I/we, principal/ owner of the firm ______________have no objection regarding the submission of ___________________project by Ms.   _________________ where she has played the role of ________________.”

II. Declaration letter from Partner(s) of the firm: Professional working in a partnership firm, submit a ‘Declaration Letter’ in the firm’s letter head duly attested by the partner(s) of the firm with following content duly signed & stamped:

“No objection letter”, “I/we, partner(s) of the firm __________________have no objection regarding the submission of _________________ project by Ms. ______________ where she has played the role of _______________.”

Note: It is mandatory to fill up the WADE survey form along with submission of entry.

For any clarification or assistance, applicants can contact WADE ASIA at 9999612977 or email at award@wadeasia.com.

Last date of Submission 5th May 2024

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