WADE ASIA encourages innovation in product design. WADE will be awarding exhibition space/ Showcasing opportunity to eligible Product designs during WADE ASIA.

Product Categories:

  • Lighting
  • Furniture Design

Other info:

  • 3 days of exhibition
  • 45000+ visitors
  • Promotions in Surfaces Reporter and Furniture Design & Technology
  • Interview of the designer (optional)


Eligibility: The product should be a furniture or lighting design that is original, innovative, and designed by the woman submitting the product. The product should have been designed & developed/ launched / conceptualised in the last two years. Prototypes are allowed with proper information and possibility to be showcased.

> It is the responsibility of the owner of the product for the to &fro timely transport. Products will not be allowed entry after the stipulated time and not be allowed to stay after the end-time.

> Do not submit any product which has limitation for showcasing or is not yet manufactured/ physically created

Design Brief: The submission should include a design brief that outlines the concept, inspiration, and features of the product. The brief should also describe the target market and the commercial potential of the product.

Product Description: The submission should include a detailed description of the product, including its dimensions, materials, construction, and manufacturing process.

Product Images: The submission should include high-quality images of the product that showcase its design, features, and functionality. The images should be in high-resolution and clearly show the product from different angles. Send maximum 3 images of the product.

Display Opportunities: The submission should indicate if the product can be displayed at WADE ASIA, and if so, provide any necessary details such as dimensions, weight, and installation requirements.

Manufacturing and Sustainability: The submission should include information on the manufacturing process and any sustainability considerations, such as the use of eco-friendly materials or energy-efficient technology.

Awards and Recognition: The submission may include any awards, recognition, or publications related to the product, such as design awards or media coverage.

Note: It is mandatory to fill up the WADE survey form along with submission of entry.

For any clarification or assistance, applicants can contact WADE ASIA at 9999612977 or email at award@wadeasia.com.

Last date of Submission 5th May 2024