Chitra Vishwanath Receives 2023 WADE Sustainability Champion of the Year Award

By wadeasia 5 October, 2023

Vertica Dvivedi, the Founder of WADE ASIA, awarded Chitra Vishwanath, the Principal and Managing Director of Biome Environment Solutions in Bengaluru, the WADE Sustainability Champion of the Year Award 2023 in recognition of her pioneering work in sustainable design solutions.

Biome Environment Solutions, also known as @biomearchitecture, has worked on over 500 projects, including a variety of building construction and water harvesting systems that are designed to work in harmony with the environment. The company is known for using natural materials, such as earth, in its innovative buildings.


Founded in 2016, WADE ASIA is the largest awards platform for women in architecture, interior design, art, construction, and engineering. WADE has been celebrating the achievements of women professionals in these fields for the past seven years. The organization’s goals include showcasing projects led by women, creating mentorship opportunities, supporting women who want to return to their careers, promoting learning through discussions and research, and giving awards and recognition.