WADE ASIA® Winners 2019 – Suparna Ghosh, Forum Architecture, Delhi

WADE ASIA WINNERS 2019 - SUPARNA GHOSH, Forum Architecture, Delhi
By wadeasia 9 May, 2022

Runner up


Most Sustainable Design


SUPARNA GHOSH, Forum Architecture, Delhi


Suparna Ghosh studied Architecture at Sushant School of Art and Architecture, Gurgaon, following which she got a Masters in Large Scale Sustainable Design from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy. In 2013, she started her studio Forum Architecture in partnership with Jensil John in New Delhi. Over the last 6 years, the firm has
grown to do a variety of retail projects, residences, offices as well as public use spaces. Forum Architecture pushes for the use of local and reclaimed materials as far as possible to limit wastage. They hope to be able to convince more clients to take this path or at least be introduced to their responsibility towards the environment.


How important it is to network for professionals?

For small practices, exposure and visibility is key. When you find yourself presenting alongside some of the stalwarts of the industry it is a great feeling. The open juries in WADE ASIA are a fantastic way for others to see your work and get valuable feedback from peers.


As a WADE Woman & WADE Winner, how would you contribute towards the causes?

Women must look out for each other. As someone who recently had a baby I have seen first hand the challenges one faces to stay abreast professionally while not compromising on the personal front either. At our own end, we must strive for sensitivity in our offices’ employment policies, opportunities and outlook. We must create an environment where women can thrive despite their societal responsibilities. That itself can go a long way!


Do you think design has the power to build better communities? How?

Definitely! Design that does not respond to its context, whether tangible or intangible, is in my mind whimsical.

“A step like WADE ASIA gives confidence to a whole lot of women to stay in a very male dominated industry.”

Society and communities need to be the core of our thought. The school that we won for at WADE tries to follow this ideology. It is an experiment to show how a building can bring together the people of a community through engagement in design process, generating employment and then most importantly owning and associating with
a building for many years to come.


Your opinion on WADE ASIA and its objectives.

I think WADE is a starting point. I want to see a world where one doesn’t need separate awards or events for women but we find equal representation by default. It is a long way to there but steps like this give confidence to a whole lot of women to stay at it in a very male dominated industry.


Note: This article was originally published on Surfaces Reporter December 2019 Issue.

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