The Pivotal Role a Keynote Speaker can Play

By wadeasia 17 August, 2022

Reckoning the WADE speakers of the yesteryears we can conjure the fact that many have found their Gurus or Mentors from this gig. They have got the guiding force in their purpose in life. The speakers here are not just to deliver information, but to initiate and carry on two-way interactive communication. In many ways, they are the source of inspiration and positive thoughts.

Among many, this year the Keynote Speaker is Shimul Javeri Kadri, Founder of SJK Architects of Mumbai. A much-celebrated veteran went to Mumbai and Michigan for her alma mater. Ar Kadri has taken her Architecture Firm to new glory. Giving a special place for the culture and climate of the region has given the firm a prominent place. Apart from this, some traits will inspire people in their daily life.

Ar Kadri’s architectural dimension is rather inclined to the social trajectory, where she has built the portfolio on the ethos of natural and light construction, supporting equality through education and female education. Her overwhelming passion occasional creates a ground for the writer, jurist, speaker and teacher to present, engage and discuss suitable matters.

Behold the woman of substance in action at WADE 2022 and get inspired by her groundbreaking works.