Note from the Founder

By wadeasia 30 January, 2023

Dear friends & patrons,

We are acutely aware that what you do transcends the ordinary. Your unwavering dedication manifests in the projects and products you create. The lion’s share of your day is dedicated to the noble pursuit of making things better.

With the profound understanding that such endeavors deserve a befitting platform, WADE INDIA was conceived. I am genuinely convinced that only once in several decades do individuals with a fervor akin to ours emerge, daring to establish initiatives as groundbreaking as WADE. Reflecting on my own journey, I find myself marveling at the audacity it took to swim against the tide, and I ponder how my sister and our team found the fortitude to align with my vision. In those moments of reflection, a gentle thought resonates in my heart— “This is just the beginning!”

As we witness the strong resonance of WADE across the nation, our shoulders bear the weight of increased responsibilities, fortified by a deep foundation of trust. My sincerest gratitude extends to the visionary brand leaders who have placed their unwavering faith in us.

Today, standing on the cusp of the 9th year of the WADE Architecture Event (scheduled for 23-24-25 Aug 2024 in Delhi), I welcome you to explore WADE INDIA for 2024 edition as well as our esteemed partners, including MATECIA EXHIBITION, India Furniture Conclave, Surfaces Reporter, FDT and more.

As opportunities are limited and special, we are eager to collaboratively craft something profoundly meaningful that makes resounding business sense.

Looking forward to meeting you!

Yours truly,

Vertica Dvivedi
Founder and Chief of Services
23-24-25 Aug 2024 | Yashobhoomi, IICC, Dwarka, Delhi