“The Top Angle”- First book on Women in Interior Design & Architecture by The WADE ASIA pre-launched | Authors Verticaa Dvivedi & Madhu Chowdhury

By wadeasia 17 June, 2024

Sisters Verticaa Dvivedi and Madhu Chowdhury, founders of The WADE ASIA platform for women in design and architecture pre-released their first book together called “The Top Angle”. The event was held on 14th June 2024 at Taj Mahal Hotel, New Delhi during the special ceremony of NAREDCO MAHI Women in Real Estate & Construction. The WADE ASIA and MAHI initiative resonate on the common grounds of their objectives. Supported by the NAREDCO Top Leadership, the event was hugely successful.

Seen here are the top leadership of NAREDCO (National Real Estate Development Council) along with Verticaa Dvivedi, Founder of The WADE ASIA, world’s largest award platform for women in architecture, Interior design and professionals in creative pursuits and the built environment: From left: Mr. Ravi Reddy, President – Nextgen, NAREDCO,  Mr. Rajan Bandelkar, Vice Chairman, NAREDCO, Ms. Verticaa Dvivedi, Dr. Ananta S Raghuvanshi, President – MAHI, NAREDCO, and Mr. G Hari Babu, President, NAREDCO

Get ready to dive into “The Top Angle,” the upcoming book by leaders Verticaa Dvivedi and Madhu Chowdhury. With decades of wisdom from those who have walked the path, this essential guide is designed to help women in architecture, interior design, and built spaces to spot and surpass barriers in their professional journeys and to ease the path in their personal journeys.

About the Book: “The Top Angle”

“The Top Angle” is a comprehensive go-to guide infused with the collective wisdom of the The WADE ASIA community. This book combines extensive research, real-world examples, and invaluable insights drawn from nearly a decade of advocacy for women in design. Whether you are an emerging designer, a seasoned architect, or a professional in built spaces, this book serves as your essential tool to identify and overcome professional challenges.

Since 2016, The WADE ASIA has been steadfast in its commitment to recognizing, rewarding, and uniting women in design. What started as a modest gathering has blossomed into a dynamic community spanning the continent, with participation from women and girls in over 15-18 states annually. For close to a decade, The WADE ASIA has garnered submissions of more than 37,000 projects and showcased more than 2500 of them through physical and digital means in their national platforms. It is worth mentioning that The WADE ASIA had started with the key objective of ensuring visibility of women-led designs and development. Another key objective is to recognize the contribution and reward through national level competitions. Today, girls from small towns and metros join The WADE ASIA from more than 15-18 states annually.

In their debut book, “The Top Angle,” Verticaa and Madhu share candid reflections, personal anecdotes, and experiences from hundreds of women who have participated in WADE ASIA. These narratives provide inspiration and guidance for the current generation and future trailblazers. The book presents a unique perspective, encouraging readers to navigate their paths with confidence and wisdom.

Highlights include insights from The WADE ASIA’s pioneering live project competitions, where 200-250 final shortlisted projects compete LIVE across 15+ categories from among thousands of submissions. Through this book, readers gain a bird’s-eye view of the challenges and triumphs faced by women in design, equipped with practical strategies and encouragement to forge ahead in their careers.

“The Top Angle” encapsulates the essence of WADE ASIA’s mission and vision, offering a roadmap for women to achieve their full potential in the design industry.

About the Authors:

Verticaa Dvivedi’s story is one of resilience and inspiration. Arriving in Delhi with just a backpack and 3000 rupees, she has since built a successful career in publishing and exhibition. Her passion for community led to the founding of The WADE ASIA in 2016, a pioneering ecosystem for Women Architects & Designers. Joined by her sister Madhu Chowdhury, Verticaa has dedicated nearly a decade to recognizing and celebrating the contributions of women in design. Madhu adds structure & directions to Verticaa’s high-flying dreams. She is the wind beneath her wings.

Verticaa remembers the beginning of The WADE ASIA, “When I think about people who began The WADE ASIA movement, I cannot forget the tremendous contribution of Madhu, Neha, Komal, Deepshikha and my friend Swati. Those who applaud The WADE ASIA must applaud their contribution. Last but not the least, my daughter Chukchuk who was just a few years old and while she needed my maximum attention, she allowed me to work during the odd hours to create & continue this movement.”

 Who can benefit by reading “The Top Angle”

“THE TOP ANGLE” is perfect for girls and women involved in architecture, interior design, in any creative pursuits like art, décor, photography, painting and professionals like engineers, consultants, project managers, women in real estate and others in the built environment. It’s especially valuable for females aspiring to join any of the above fields and those who are seeking to maximize their potential in the design industry.

About The WADE ASIA: Largest platform for women in design & architecture

Since the last 9 years, The WADE ASIA stands as a beacon of inspiration and empowerment in the world of design and architecture. Founded in 2016, this pioneering initiative was born out of a simple yet profound quest: to uncover and celebrate the contributions of women in the fields of interior design, architecture, and the built environment. Frustrated by the lack of visibility for women-led projects, Verticaa’s determination led to the creation of The WADE ASIA, the world’s first and largest platform dedicated to this cause.

Objectives of The WADE ASIA

  1. Visibility: Ensuring visibility to women-led projects
  2. Mentorship: Bridging the gap between established and emerging designers
  3. Support: Providing a platform for women seeking to return & restart
  4. Learning: Facilitating continuous learning through discussions & research
  5. Celebration: Celebrating the life, work, and achievements of women in design.
  6. Recognition: Offering rewards and recognition to exceptional women in the industry

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