WADE India Excellence Architect/ Interior Designer Award


As the name suggests, ‘WADe India Excellence’ Award aim to recognize excellent Architecture & Interior Design projects in the use of materials, Innovation, Cultural context, Sustainable features, Use of traditional/ modern techniques creatively, Structural design, Approach, Practice, Projects that deal sensitively with heritage and tradition, Age, Special needs, Involvement of modern technology while respecting the traditions, etc.

1. The different categories for WADe India Excellence Award are:

    • » Commercial
    • » Hospitality
    • » Educational
    • » Public Building
    • » Landscape
    • » Retail
    • » Healthcare
    • » Residential (upto 3000 sq.ft.) – Mass Housing | Single Dwelling
    • » Residential (above 3000 sq.ft.) – Mass Housing | Single Dwelling
  • » Urban Design
  • » Most Sustainable design (Holistic approach to design)

Applicants are eligible to apply for more than one category by filling up different Application Form for each category.

2. Applicants must submit only 1 project for each category which should be a completed project.

3. Project that you submit for the competition can be maximum 7 years old (2016 onward).

4. Each project should be submitted in A3 size (300 DPI, PDF format, clear at 100% viewing in Photoshop) with brief information and a suitable headline with project category properly mentioned on top. An example is attached for reference purpose only. In the written matter, the Jury is interested only in knowing the objectives of the design and how you have achieved the objectives. Keep it brief and precise. Supporting images should be put in the same sheet with Image Captions & Drawings.

5. No superimposing of names/ logos/ watermark allowed on images. We will allocate code for each project.

6. For each project use only one A3 sheet. Submit 1 attachment in total (One A3 sized project sheet).

7. Already won projects in previous years of WADe Awards should not be submitted again for competition. Shortlisted ones can be re-applied

8. There is no age limit for this category.

9. If the Applicant is a professional working for a firm and submitting the project where she has contributed substantially, then she must submit a ‘Declaration letter’ in firm’s letter head duly attested by the Principal of the firm with following content duly signed & stamped:
“No Objection letter”, “I/We, principal/ owner of firm __________________ have no objection regarding submitting of ___________________ project by _________________ where she has played the role of __________________.”

10. Declaration form from Partner’s- If you are in a partnership firm with contribution have done the project in partnership with others, duly signed declaration form from the partner is /are required.
“No Objection letter”, “I/We, Partner of firm __________________ have no objection regarding submitting of ___________________ project by _________________ where she has played the role of __________________.”

11. For any clarification feel free to call us at 9310612998 / 9310612980 or you may drop your query at award@wadeasia.com

Wade Awards 2022 entries have been closed.

For more information, Feel free to call us  at 9310612980 or you may drop your query at award@wadeasia.com

Example for reference purpose: