WADE ASIA Lifetime Achievement Award


Any woman from the Architecture, Art or Design can Nominate a Senior Woman for WADe ASIA Lifetime Achievement Award who has dedicated her entire life to bring a change in the field of Architecture, Art or Design.

One of the foremost objectives of WADe Asia is to bring forward awareness of works of Architects, Artists & Designers who are making a huge difference, and yet remain largely unsung & undocumented. This award aims to recognize a woman who has been an instrument of change.

WADe Asia 2017 honoured Didi Contractor with “WADe ASIA Lifetime Achievement Award”. The 88 year old lady is known for designing sustainable architecture in the Himalayan region with Adobe (sun dried bricks) and other naturally locally available materials like clay, bamboo, slate, river stone, etc.

Didi encourages other women to come forth & start wherever at whichever stage of life they are, citing her own example: she resumed building at the age of 60 after building the first few around the age of 30 and has never looked back. Even at the age of 88 years, she projects the same energy, enthusiasm & attention to detail to all her projects as would a woman in her 20’s. Didi has dedicated her life to Inspire, Love Nature & Nurture Humanity.

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