WADe India Artist Award (Painting & Photography)


One of the best forms of self-expression remains to be – Art! So, be it Painters, Photographers or other artists – at WADe all of them are privileged to exhibit their best of works, which undoubtedly brings them endless praises as well as an award that’ll last for a lifetime… called the WADe India Artist Award.

The two categories of WADe India Artist Award are:

  • • Painting
  • • Photography

Painting Award

  1. 1. Young WADe India Artist – Age limit – 40 years as on 1st May,2022
  2. 2. WADE India Excellence Artist – There is no Age Limit for this category

Applicants must submit 3 Artworks from the portfolio of their paintings with each Artwork accompanied by the following information:

  • Title of the Painting (Within 7 Words)
  • Medium/ Size of the Painting
  • Year
  • Description of each Artwork (Within 150 Words)

*Note for WADe India Artist Award – Painting*

Please ensure that the Artwork you submit should be available for exhibition during event days. Showcasing of art (the shortlisted one )any one art-piece with in 3ft height and 2ft width in WADe ASIA 2019, if selected. The jury may demand to see extensive body of work anytime during the selection process. WADe Organizer may need A3 printed design of artwork with description & your photo within short notice if selected. We suggest keeping the copies ready.

Already won paintings in previous year’s of WADe Awards should not be submitted again for competition.

Photography Award

1. Category – Amateur: Any Women Amateur Photographer or someone who is doing photography as a hobby are eligible to apply for WADe India Artist Photography Award.
2. Category – Professional: Women who have taken up Photography as their profession are eligible to apply for WADe India Artist Photography Award.

Theme for submitting Photographs are listed below. Choose any one theme. One may apply for multiple theme by filling up different Application Form for each theme.
• Lockdown Life
• New Normal
• Rising above fear & despair

Multiple Entries allowed (limited to 3 in each theme). Fill Separate form for each entry. Photographs you submit must be followed by the following information.
Title of the Photograph (Within 7 Words)
Date when the photograph was clicked
Place where the photograph was clicked
Camera used to click the photograph
Description of the Photograph (Within 150 Words)

*Note for WADe India Artist Award – Photography*

Either Amateur or Professional, we accept entry of only those photos which were clicked with professional cameras & you have high resolution image. Photos you submit must be exclusive, not submitted elsewhere for any award/print. 300 dpi image may be demanded for selected photos. Please ensure that the Photographs are available for exhibition during WADe ASIA 2022, if selected. Photo shoot on Mobile are not allowed.
Superimposing of Name or Signature not allowed on the photograph.
For any clarification feel free to call us at 9310612998 / 9310612980 or you may drop your query at award@wadeasia.com

Wade Awards 2022 entries have been closed.

For more information, Feel free to call us  at 9310612980 or you may drop your query at award@wadeasia.com