1. About WADE ASIA

WADE ASIA / WADE INDIA is a platform created for recognizing, documenting and making the work more visible for the Women Architects, Interior Designers, Artists, Product Designers, and Engineers. It is a common ground to discuss, network, mingle and learn from each other’s successes and misses as we meet during the event and stay connected through the online platform!


Objectives of WADE ASIA are:

» Ensuring more visibility to Women-Led developments
» Bridging mentorship between leading & aspiring Architects & Designers
» Common Platform for Women to learn and grow
» Encouraging, Sharing & Learning through Research
» Rewards & Recognition

WADE AWARDS were initiated in 2016 to encourage young talents and recognize the work done by women in the fields of Architecture, Engineering & Construction, Design & Art in India and Asia.


Applicants can participate for WADE Awards 2020 in two different ways:

A. Award Through Competition
WADE India Student Award
YoungWADE India Emerging Award
WADE India Excellence Award
WADE India Artist Award
WADE India Award For Best Use Of Color in Architecture Or Interior Design Project
WADE India Product Designer

B. Award Through Nomination
WADE Role Model Of The Year Award
WADE Special Contribution Award
WADE Academia Award
YoungWADE Sustainability Champion
WADE Sustainability Champion of the Year
WADE Art Maestro Award
WADE India Lifetime Achievement Award
WADE ASIA Lifetime Achievement Award
WADE India Engineer-Civil


1. Professionals working for other architecture/ design firms must submit a ‘Declaration letter with No Objection Certificate’ along with submission in Firm’s letter head, duly signed by Principal of Firm where she worked/working, attesting for ‘No Objection’ with following content: “No Objection letter”, “I/We, principal/ owner of firm ______________ have no objection regarding submitting of ____________________ project by ___________________ where she has played the role of ____________.”

2. The awards are open to all licensed Women Architects, Interior Designers, Product Designers, Industrial Designers, of Indian nationality, of any firm and/or individuals working in Architecture, Design & Building Industry of India.

3. There is no limit to the number of categories a participant may enter however, separate forms needs to be filled for each entry.

4. All entries must be submitted digitally on the website. Entries without filling up the Application Form will be rejected.

5. Projects must be uploaded in requisite format only. For Architects & Interior Designer sample of a design is attached.

6. No superimposing of Names/ Logos/ Firm name allowed on the images or the A3 sheet that you submit . We will allocate code for each project.

For any clarification feel free to call us at 9310612998 or you may drop your query at award@wadeasia.com

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