15 Mar

About WADE Asia Conference & Awards

  • WADe ASIA, the prestigious national conference on Architecture, Interior Design, Art and Engineering, is open to all facets of topics & discussions on design. Deliberately, the WADe AWARDS are restricted to be applied only by women of the fraternity. It is WADe ASIA's mission to bring the entire community together to celebrate the Women-led Design, Architecture, Construction& Development.

    Here is a video that talks about the purpose of WADe ASIA.

    In its 4th edition, WADe ASIA will be held at the NSIC Grounds, Okhla, New Delhi, from 11-12 October 2019. The event is expected to be the networking ground for 1500+ architects, designers, artists and civil engineers from all over India and important guests from Dubai, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Nepal and Bangladesh. Irrespective of any gender, WADe conference is open to all in the design fraternity. Free Registrations for a limited time. Register Now

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