Purpose of WADE ASIA® – The largest networking platform for celebrating Women-led developments

By wadeasia 17 August, 2022

What women need is a community where ideas are heard, connections are made and talents are shared. In 2016, WADE was born to make a change. One of the first and largest in Asia, WADE is a networking platform for celebrating Women-led developments in the field of Architecture, Art, Design, Engineering, and Construction.

It was created by two sisters Vertica Dvivedi and Madhurima Chowdhury. The idea was to build a common space where creative women can meet, network, learn and grow. The progress of these talented women is documented and appreciated through WADE.

WADE ASIA was created with the following objectives:

  • Ensuring visibility of Women-led projects
  • Bridging Mentorship between Leading & Aspiring
  • Standing by those who want to return & restart
  • Encouraging, Sharing & Learning through Research
  • Celebrating their Life, Work & Achievements
  • Recognizing and Rewarding Creative minds

Celebrating WADE ASIA since 2016 through conferences, exhibitions and awards had led to a huge response and participation from more than 20 states of India. The age range of participants ranged from 16-84 years. Guests and representatives had joined from Sri Lanka, London, Australia, Nepal, Bhutan, and more!

WADE ASIA has connected with thousands of women and inspired people across the world. The WADE Awards have recognized over 5000 women from 15+ states in India. Speakers from Nepal, Indonesia, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh have been a part of this movement. There are more than 50 awardees every year who receive the WADE AWARD through competition.

The top most award every year is the WADE Lifetime Achievement Award. It is given through nomination and research. Didi Contractor and Ar Namita Singh from India and Ar Yasmeen Lari from Pakistan have received this coveted award so far.

Among the Sustainability champions are Ar Sheila Sri Prakash and Ar Neelam Manjunath. WADE ASIA has a top award for contribution by women in design & architecture in different fields of society. That’s a special category award. Ar Neera Adarkar, Ar Pratima Joshi, Ar Madhavi Desai, and Ar Gita Balakrishnan received this award in the last few years.

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