Much Awaited WADE ASIA® Category wise Winners Announced

By wadeasia 7 March, 2022

WADe Asia 2018, one of the most momentous events in SoBackend Editor Asia in the realm of architecture, arts, and designing recently rounded off with loads of flair, feminism, and fame. It was all about brimming smiles, refreshed relations, new associations and massive priceless networking among the veterans, the highfliers, and the emerging.

WADe Asia understands that it takes a lot of mettle to persistently immerse yourself in your craft to create stuff which surprises. Your workmanship made it look easy!

WADe Asia is proud of you! Congratulations!  More power to you.

We are excited to share the list of category wise winners of WADe Asia 2018:

Top WADe Award Winners (Through Nomination)