Knowledge Session: Business Intelligence in Design

By wadeasia 17 February, 2024


Business Intelligence in Design Scaling Up, Management and Finance deliberates on how to run a design company successfully. It goes beyond just making great designs and being creative. The panel focuses on the importance of effectively growing the business as a company, managing financial aspects, and handling operations without compromising the core creative essence.

The panelist in this session included ID Ravish Mehra, Partner, Ravish Mehra Deepak Kalra, Delhi; Ar Bobby Mukherji, Principal, Bobby Mukherji and Associates, Mumbai; Ar Ravindra Kumar, Principle, Pragrup, Bengaluru; Ar Anshul Chodha, Principal Architect and Founder, Sanctuary Architects & Designers, Bengaluru.

The session was moderated by Ar. Brijesh Shaijal, Co-founder of Design Ashram.

The insightful discussion saw all panellists elaborating on ways and techniques to balance business and creativity. As a young architect who started his own firm very early, Ar Bobby Mukherji admitted that he had to learn essential business aspects through challenging experiences. Nevertheless, he expressed gratitude for his brief stint with a prominent architectural firm based in New York which provided him with valuable insights into effectively managing an architectural firm. He opined young architects should work with firms and pay attention to how they manage all the aspects of the business before they venture out to initiate their own practices.