The power of determination makes one unstoppable!
The power of love brings people together!
The power of knowledge ensures growth & progress!

The combination of determination, love and knowledge has created WADe ASIA.

This event is the largest celebration of Women-led Development in the world and we are so glad to see how India is the host to such a meaningful coming together of the best in Architecture, Art, Interior Design and Engineering.

As founder & facilitator, I have only kindled the spark to initiate this mission. Rest, WADe ASIA is being carried forward by the women in mission every year from different states of India, big & small towns & cities, delegates from many countries in South East Asia, women who have the courage to share their stories and inspire, women in leadership who are handholding those who need a little help, men who stand beside to constantly support, men who are ensuring to bring their female colleagues, friends, sisters and mother to attend WADe ASIA, speakers who go beyond their schedule to interact and communicate, leaders who are giving their expertise to expand this platform and touch the lives of talented dreamers and aspirers in design, and partners who look at WADe beyond business. Get ready for taking back knowledge, meeting some of the best & inspiring leaders in design from across the world, live jury presentations for WADe Awards in different categories, display of innovation & installations, exhibition, networking, entertainment, parties, and more.

WADe ASIA 2019 in its 4th year will be hosted from NSIC Grounds, Okhla, New Delhi.

So what are you going to do with WADe Asia, in WADe ASIA or for WADe ASIA? Plan, decide and tell.

Rise & shine








Vertica Dvivedi
Founder & Curator

Prestigious National Conference & Exhibition
on Architecture – Interior Design – Art – Engineering
“Celebrating & Spreading Women-led Development”

“She was unstoppable, not because she did not have failures or doubts,
but because she carried on despite them.”

– Beau Taplin