5 Drivers of Growth Women Leaders must embrace!

By wadeasia 17 August, 2022

Before metal can be casted into a desired shape, the mould is made. Before a building is erected, the foundation is laid. And before a person achieves what she wants, she must build herself. Build the attitude that will build you. Vertica Dvivedi shared during her speech at the PHD Chamber of Commerce & Industry during ‘Her Enterprise Har Din’ about the five must-have attitudes that are growth drivers for phenomenal leadership.

1. Look at the Challenges as Opportunities
Most people look at the face of the challenge and give up. Some people fight for a while before giving up. The third type of people is the one who do not give up! The take up the challenge and keep fighting. Many of them succeed. There is also another type of a people called the fourth type – those that do not look at a problem as a challenge but as an opportunity. They look for problems to solve. They build big companies. They find solutions. They drive growth!

2. Stay Calm during Chaos
Easier said than done! One of the best example is of our past cricket captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who was famous for holding his composure in the direst of situations and rarely displaying signs of frustration and anger. That’s an art embraced by leaders to handle chaotic situation. Redirecting your energy from ‘reaction’ to right ‘action’ takes a lot of perseverance, courage and patience. Imagine what a boon it would be for people to see a calm leader who is in action. Build your inner power to stay focused on solutions during crisis!

3. Have a Laser Sharp Focus
Laser-sharp focus is the mental ability to give 100 percent of your attention to a task you have prioritized in the present moment. It helps you put aside all the distractions and sustain the energy required to finish the task. When a leader is focused the team remains directed to its goals.

4. Set Clear Goals
Clear goals lead to clear actions. Goals should be specific, measurable, achievable, relevant and time-based. Set goals, and have your team leaders set goals too, that are targeted to the short term as well as long term. Check periodically and lead them through the goals.

5. Think BIG
I see that most of the women are aiming higher but not thinking BIG enough. As we think big, larger goals inspire us to move forward and forge ahead against all the odds. Also, it makes us responsible for taking actions. When we do that, we have no choice but to get out of our comfort zone, which results in growth. Think Big! Nothing has ever been achieved from the area of comfort zones.


Vertica Dvivedi is the founder of WADE ASIA – Largest forum for Women in Design Architecture and the Built Space. She is also the publisher of Surfaces Reporter magazine.