Brief Profile: WADe ASIA Event, 31 Aug & 1 Sept 2018, Delhi

WADe India was initiated in 2016 as a nationwide dedicated platform for Woman Architects & Designers of India. Today, this 2 year old brain child of Vertica Dvivedi, has truly emerged as a platform to Celebrate & Spread “Women-led Development” in India and a great event platform for connecting brands with specifiers, architects and designers. It is an endeavour to bring-out women in architecture & interior design on a common platform to exchange ideas, recognize contribution, discuss issues and execute solutions. Contact

Detailed Profile:

When one focuses to contribute selflessly, when someone has the vision to serve gallantly, and when someone gives it all to carve something, which initially only her sub-conscious could see, the resultant is bound to be a mammoth-ly inspiring creation – WADe ASIA [World Women in Arts, Architecture and Design ecosystem], in the case of its fervent founder Vertica Dvivedi.

Since the last two editions, WADe has become a fertile ground for people of the design industry (not limited to women) to gather, discuss, debate, and also celebrate developments & design led by women. The ratio of women and men is around 60:40 with a fine balance of architects, interior designers and artists. Sponsorship opportunities are limited in order to ensure the concept and objectives of WADe do not get diluted. At the same time, it gives exclusivity to the few brands who are able to leverage the best of this event.

There are events, and then there is WADe Asia – the one of a kind hub for this genre.

An honest attempt to assemble, acknowledge, and articulate the women-led development of this troposphere, forms the basis of this two day event, scheduled for Aug 31st and September 1st 2018 in Aerocity, New Delhi.

While delivering its promise to women entrepreneurs and professionals in building and space design, WADe ASIA has become a wonderful medium for building material brands to connect with the specifier segment. WADe allows more than 2 days of interactions with the speakers and delegates who are in architecture, project management firms, consultancy, design, art and real estate.

2018 is the third year of the WADe affair. The previous two have seen extensive participation from the South Asian fraternity, and about 1000+ professionals from the national as well as the international circuit graced the event. Power-talks from the who’s who in arts, architecture and design, panel discussions with eminent guests and delegates, talk shows with the mentors, deeply informative discussions, master-class from the design maestros, the multiple award categories, and a one of a kind opportunity to gel and network with a top of the class, relevant and an enthusiastic troop were just a handful of highlights. The sheer delight, pure sentiments and immense expectations of the participants, evidently reflect at ‘opinion about WADe’. Some of them look like this:

“Thanks for adding precious and unforgettable memories to my life”

– Anju Malla Pradhan, VP – Society of Nepalese Architects, Nepal

“Dear Vertica and Madhu, WADe Asia 2017 is one of the best conferences I have attended”

–  Ar. Dorji Yanki, President, Bhutan Institute of Architects, Bhutan

“WADe Asia was designed with great skill and handled with immense grace, warmth, and professionalism”

– Dr Anuradha Chatterjee, Sydney

“I was interacting with so many women peers for the first time in the last 25 years”

– Pratima Joshi, Founder Director – Shelters Associates, Pune

“For a young architect such as me, hearing architects of the like of Didi Contractor and seeing her admirable work was truly inspirational”

– Ar. Tanvi Jain, Ahmedabad

The testimonials advocate that the faith instilled in WADe ASIA is humongous and some of the reactions are so emotional and triggering, that we are firm to make WADe 2018 an even finer, wiser and a prolific affair.

Connecting to us is easy. Speak to us at +91 9310612980 or simply drop a line at and a WADe enthusiast will touch base, and help you to see your share of benefits from WADe Asia 2018.

In 2018, WADe will be BIGGER & BETTER with:

    1. – Two Days of event and One evening for networking
    2. – Full scale round the clock networking
    3. – Invitations to 15,000+
    4. – No entry of more than 1 Brand in each product Category, making the space extremely progressive for participating brands
    5. – Emailer to 50,000+
    6. – WADe supporting sponsors to connect with the right people
    7. – Presentation on stage for sharing brand USP
    8. – Strong participation from throughout India and representation from  South East Asia
    9. – Huge pre & post promotion for spreading the event
    10. – Space for demonstrating/ launching a product

For details contact Neha Barua, +91-9310612980,,